The Ultimate Christmas Wreath Guide: How-To, History and the Best Christmas Wreath Options

best Christmas wreaths

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There are two spots that serve as prime real estate for Christmas wreaths: above the fireplace mantel and on the front door. Of course, you can hang a Christmas wreath wherever you’d like, including:

  • Above the mantel
  • On any door
  • On any window
  • Above the table
  • On the backs of chairs
  • On your porch
  • From any tree
  • From a street lamp

But the question still remains, what type of Christmas wreath should you get? We’ve sorted through all that’s out there to pull together some of the best Christmas wreath ideas. Plus, we’ve even tagged a few Christmas wreath DIY ideas and tips on how to make your own wreath at the bottom of the piece.

History of Christmas Wreaths

Before we dive into brilliant Christmas wreath ideas, let’s briefly explore the origin of Christmas wreaths. In order to understand where the idea of the Christmas wreath came from, it’s important to note that they were an extension of the Christmas tree, which first became commonplace in Eastern European nations in the 16th century. Of course, back then people weren’t buying artificial Christmas trees, so they needed to prune the limbs off the trees to make them appear more groomed and presentable. Those excess pieces were then used to create: yep, you guessed it, wreaths. Over the years, wreaths adopted ornaments with different meanings, and they’ve even garnered their own identity as a holiday decor essential. So, what ultimately started as being crafty with the leftover Christmas tree scraps has evolved into something entirely different.

Real vs Artificial Christmas Wreaths

Of course, as Christmas decor has evolved, so has the Christmas wreath. While the originals were all made from real evergreen branches, most wreaths today are artificial. Artificial wreaths can be used year after year without needing to spend money on them annually. In fact, most artificial wreaths can be used for 10 to 20 years.

On the other hand, there’s something special about decking the halls with real wreaths. They emit a pleasant fragrance and look more authentic. Plus, they can still be made from your Christmas tree scraps (as long as you have a wreath base, like the one listed in the DIY section below).

Both artificial and real Christmas wreaths can be ordered online. We’ve included options for both below, so keep reading to find which type of wreath is right for you.


Best Christmas Wreaths

If you want some Christmas wreath ideas that are ready to ship, we’ve got 13 solid contenders for you to deck out your space with this holiday season. And don’t forget to check out the DIY wreath-making how-to at the end of this article.


1. National Tree Company Wintry Pine Artificial Wreath


For a Christmas wreath that’s sure to draw attention, look no further than the National Tree Company 48-Inch Wintry Pine Artificial Wreath. This large and full wreath boasts 200 clear lights, pine cones, holly leaves, red berries and snowflakes in the traditional circular pattern. Because this wreath is so big, it would look best hung from a large front door or outside your picture window. However, it’s important to note that this wreath does need to be plugged in.

best christmas wreaths national tree company Courtesy of The Home Depot


2. Puleo International Artificial Flocked Lambs Ear Wreath


The best part about the Puleo International 22-Inch Artificial Flocked Lambs Ear Wreath is that it can be used to decorate for Christmas, but it also wouldn’t look out of place hung on your door in any other season. This is thanks to the artificial lamb’s ear design, which is a soft departure from the traditional pine branches. As an added bonus, this wreath can be purchased in multi-packs of up to five wreaths.

best christmas wreaths puleo international Courtesy of Amazon


3. YNYLCHMX Christmas Wreath


Amazon users love the YNYLCHMX 20-Inch Christmas Wreath, and it’s easy to see why. This holly-based wreath is complimented by a “Merry Christmas, Y’all” sign to ensure all your visitors feel the holiday cheer. There are also red berries dotted along with the artificial greenery. And, if you’re afraid this small green wreath isn’t eye-catching enough, you can also find this product in shades of bright red and eucalyptus.

best christmas wreaths Courtesy of Amazon


4. Tiny Land Store Christmas Wreath


The perfect symmetry of the Tiny Land Store Christmas Wreath makes it especially attractive when hung on any front door. However, because the diameter of the wreath is only 20-inches, we recommend this one for smaller, single pane doors rather than larger porches. Furthermore, the base of this wreath is rattan to prevent scratches, and while it’s not pre-lit, white lights could easily be added to the greenery.

the ultimate christmas wreath guide: how-to, history, and the best christmas wreath options tiny land Courtesy of Amazon


5. Nearly Natural Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Wreath


Flocked Christmas trees are all the rage right now, so it only makes sense that flocked wreaths are popular, too. The Nearly Natural 24-Inch Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Wreath boasts faux snow spread across a hundred evergreen tips. These are complemented by 50 white lights all around the 24-inch wreath. This piece looks amazing above mantelpieces or hung on the front door alongside some more colorful decor.

nearly natural flocked artificial wreath Courtesy of The Home Depot


6. Worcester Wreath Mini Maine Balsam Wreaths


Sometimes one wreath just won’t do, and you need several to spread the Christmas cheer. If that’s so, consider the Worcester Wreath Mini Maine Balsam Wreaths. This would make great decorations around the house or on a tablescape. But, if you need wreaths for your doors and windows, these might be a bit small at just 16 inches in diameter. Still, you could hang three in a row vertically or make a lovely ribbon and wreath display across your windows with them. There are so many possibilities!

worcester wreath mini maine balsam wreath Courtesy of Amazon


7. Home Accents Holiday Green Twinkling Tinsel Wreath


When the best Christmas wreath isn’t a traditional wreath at all, it’s time to look at the Home Accents Holiday Green Twinkling Tinsel Wreath. This three-foot piece features 140 twinkling LED lights and can be used indoors or outside, so make it the center of your yard display or hang it from your front window. Either way, this is a great way to fit a Christmas wreath into your decor without needing to deal with the greenery.

home accents holiday twinkling led tinsel wreath Courtesy of The Home Depot


8. SHareconn Prelit Artificial Christmas Wreath


Most pre-lit Christmas wreaths include white lights, the SHareconn 24-Inch Prelit Artificial Christmas Wreath has 40 multi-color lights to bring Christmas back into technicolor. It also boasts pine cones and berries and comes with a 15-inch wreath hanger. As an added bonus, the lights are operated on a timer to allow them to light up for six hours with 18 hours in between. And, the wreath boasts a battery box, so you don’t have to worry about plugging it in.

shareconn prelit artificial wreath Courtesy of Amazon


9. 1-800-Flowers Shimmering Poinsettia Wreath


Evergreen branches may be the ultimate staple of Christmas decor, but poinsettia blooms are a close second. The natural combination of green with red makes this the flower of choice for the holidays. If your mantle or door needs a pop of color, this Shimmering Poinsettia Wreath will do the trick. The faux blooms feature a glitter gold edge for a sparkling effect that will last year after year. This wreath measures 20 inches in diameter.

shimmering poinsettia wreath Courtesy of 1800 Flowers


10. 1-800-Flowers Holiday Tree Evergreen Wreath


While most wreaths available to order online are artificial, the original Christmas evergreen wreaths were made with real branches. Treat yourself to the OG of wreaths with this Holiday Tree Evergreen Wreath. While it’s not circular like a traditional wreath, this tree-shaped wall hanging is made from fragrant pine leaves and trimmed with silver and red ornaments as well as warm white lights. It’s then topped with a silver star, just like any other Christmas tree.

holiday tree evergreen wreath Courtesy of 1800 Flowers


11. National Tree Company Pre-Lit Christmas Wreath


Plain and simple is the name of the game here. The pre-lit 24-inch artificial wreath is suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and it includes long-lasting LED Christmas lights that can illuminate in white or multi-color. The wreath is nice enough to hang on its own, or you can get creative and customize it with your own ornaments.

green Christmas wreath with white lights Courtesy of Amazon


12. National Tree Company Pre-Lit 4-Piece Set


One of the hardest things about picking out the best Christmas wreath for your home is ensuring it matches the rest of your decor. With the National Tree Company Pre-Lit 4-Piece Set, that worry becomes a thing of the past. In addition to a 24-inch wreath, this set also includes a string of garland and two faux evergreen shrubs. All four of the pieces come pre-lit with soft white lights and are decorated with pine cones and berries.

national tree company pre lit wreath set Courtesy of Amazon


13. Village Lighting Company Pre-Lit LED Red Magnolia Wreath


When you picture a traditional Christmas wreath, chances are the image in your head looks something like this. This quintessential Christmas wreath looks like it was taken off the set of Home Alone, or any classic Christmas movie for that matter. The artificial Christmas wreath is pre-lit with 50 white lights, and it’s loaded with pine cones, berries, gold leaves and holiday-colored bulbs.

village lighting company pre lit Courtesy of The Home Depot


How to Make a Christmas Wreath

If you don’t want to buy a pre-made wreath and favor making one yourself, these essentials will help you create something magically unique. Here are the four basic items that you’ll need:

  • I. Frame
  • II. Garland
  • III. Lights
  • IV. Ornaments

I. MTB Wire Wreath Frame

Find the perfect base.

round wire wreath frame Courtesy of Amazon


II. Replace with: Lvydec 36 Feet Christmas Garland

Get some greenery (and red berries and pinecones too).

lvydec christmas garland Courtesy of Amazon


III. Magotan Outdoor/Indoor Christmas Lights

Let there be (battery-operated) Christmas lights!

battery operated white Christmas lights Courtesy of Amazon


IV. Emopeak Mini Christmas Balls Ornaments

And lastly, deck out the Christmas wreath with shatterproof ornaments in any color scheme you like.

best christmas wreaths emopeak mini christmas balls Courtesy of Amazon


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