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Get The Fever: Cigar Five-Pack Fever, That Is

Cigar aficionados, this tip’s for you. Get 20 of the world’s best cigars for under $20 at Thompson Cigar ($19.75 to be exact).

Thompson Cigar is the tobacconist favored by cigar lovers for over 100 years. Their store in Tampa, Florida is legendary for its impeccable selection and service. The website offers the same with free shipping on orders of $35 or more. You can shop by brand, wraps, and countries. Plus they always have interesting offers at great savings.

Their customer service reps are cigar lovers too, so they know how tasty, relaxing and fulfilling it is to smoke a fine cigar. We’ve called their reps to get their suggestions, and they’ve hit it out of the the park every time. They know the right cigar for every mood.

Thompson Cigar’s Five-Pack Fever offer gives you access to the finest cigars from Cuba (of course), Nicaragua, Honduras and the Dominican Republic. The brand selection is comprehensive and includes all the brands you know and love including: Acid, Aging Room, Alec Bradley, Brick House, Camacho, Montecristo White Label, La Aroma de Cube, Nat Sherman, Natural by Drew Estate and Rocky Patel.

The very best part about Thompson Cigar’s Five-Pack Fever offer? You can stock up on your favorites or try three new ones. Mix up to four five-packs with Thompson Cigar’s smokin’ special offer.

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