Class Up Your Outdoor Picnic With These Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins

tear-off cocktail napkin
Courtesy of Amazon

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As the summer months roll on and socially-distanced outdoor picnics become the regular when it comes to the communal enjoyment of food, we all need to find hacks to make our social gatherings easier. Tupperware containers and blankets abound, but what about the utensils? Or, more specifically, the napkin?

In my book, a good meal is judged by the messiness. Think about it — how many amazing meals can you think of that require a few moist towelettes to help you dab, wipe and soak up the flavorful juices flowing. Ribs? You betcha. A greasy NYC pizza? Yup, napkin is necessary. Now, if you want to take your napkin to the next level, these tear-off cocktail napkins will do the trick.

My Drap has made basic cotton cocktail napkins that you can tear off and distribute easily. They’re made of 100% cotton and are soft to the touch but effective on spills and sauces.

My Drap Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins Courtesy of Amazon
My Drap Tear-Off Cocktail Napkins Courtesy of Amazon

Get the luxurious feeling without a lot of hassle or expense with this roll of 50 napkins, each of which can be used and machine-washed up to six times. The design is seamless, so crumbs won’t get stuck in those nooks and crannies, and they’re absorbent enough to wipe up messes with grace and panache.

They come in everything from a neutral cream color to a lime green and come perforated so tearing them evenly every time is easy. They also come in rolls of 50 or 100 so you can order depending on your need.