Carpet Catharsis: The 16 Best Cleaning Products for Getting Stubborn Stains Out of Your Rugs

best carpet cleaner solutions
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A rug or carpet can really tie a room together. But, stains on those rugs can make the whole look fall apart. If you’re properly prepared with the best carpet cleaner solution, you can eliminate stains before they become a permanent problem.

Carpet cleaning solutions are fairly easy to find these days. They work using powerful chemical formulas to lift most oil and food-based stains from the fibers of rugs, carpets, furniture and upholstery. If you have any fabric-based furnishings in your home, you should absolutely have an effective carpet cleaner solution on hand at all times.

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However, before you jump straight to Amazon and buy the first carpet cleaner solution you see, you should be aware that there are two main categories for such solutions.

  • Spray-On or Spot Carpet Cleaner Solution – These cleaning products usually come in a smaller bottle or a spray bottle. They are designed to be used on small stains on fabrics and carpet just after the stain has been created. In most cases, they can be sprayed on to the stay and blotted away using a clean or damp cloth, leaving a clean carpet behind.
  • Carpet Cleaning Machine Solution – Carpet cleaner solutions that are found in concentrate or larger bottles are generally meant to be used in a carpet cleaning machine. If you own such a machine or are renting one, be aware that you’ll need to ensure the solution can be used with the brand and specific machine you’re using. You should also check whether or not the solution needs to be diluted before use.

Because the term “carpet cleaner solution” can be used for both of the above, and you may have landed on this article looking for one or the other, we’ve included both types of carpet cleaner solution below. Through the description of each product, you should be able to determine which ones require a carpet cleaning machine for use.

So, if you’re tired of your stained carpets, grab one of the best carpet cleaner solutions and get rid of those stains for like-new floors again.


1. Resolve Carpet Spot & Stain Remover


Resolve Carpet Spot & Stain Remover is the number one carpet stain remover on our list. That’s because it lifts stains, neutralizes odors, then leaves carpet feeling soft and smelling fresh. What more could you ask for? An added advantage is that it penetrates deep to keep stains from reappearing. This particular formula was designed for food and grease-based stains, but Resolve also makes a version for pet stains if that’s what you need most.

best carpet cleaner solutions resolve professional strength spot and stain cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Stain Remover


The worst stains smell just as bad as they look. But, BISSELL Professional Power Shot Oxy Carpet Spot and Stain Remover features patented odor removal technology that works on tough odors, like smoke, mold, mildew, pet messes and kitchen gunk. It reaches all the way down to the backing of the carpet for a thorough cleaning.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Bissell Professional Power Shot Oxy Stain Remover



3. Carbona 2-In-1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner


Take on tough stains with the Carbona 2-in-1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner. It uses an oxy-powered formula that goes into carpet fibers to help pull stains out. And it has a built-in brush applicator to scrub them away.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Carbona 2-in-1 Upholstery and Carpet Cleaner



4. Zep All-Purpose Carpet Shampoo Concentrate


The Zep All-Purpose Carpet Shampoo Concentrate is not only the best concentrate on our list, it’s also one of the best value products on the market. That’s because each bottle can create up to 25 gallons of effective shampoo for use in both extractor carpet cleaners and steam cleaning machines. The industrial-strength detergent is also low foaming, so it doesn’t require as much rinsing as other brands. However, because this concentrate isn’t scented with something more pleasant, it may leave a heavy cleaning smell in its wake.

best carpet cleaner solutions zep all purpose carpet shampoo concentrate Image courtesy of Amazon

Zep All-Purpose Carpet Shampoo Concentrate



5. AmazonBasics Dissolvable Fabric Stain Remover Kit


For people who are worried about the environmental impact of cleaners and the plastic bottles they come in, there’s no better carpet cleaner solution than the AmazonBasics Dissolvable Carpet Fabric Stain Remover Kit. Included in the kit are three dissolvable carpet cleaner pots and one reusable spray bottle. Simply put one pod into the bottle and dissolve it. The resulting solution is 32 ounces in volume and can be used to spot clean any accidents. Simply spray it on the stain, and blot at it with a wet towel. The stain should lift away. While three cleaner pods should last for quite a while, you can always order more on Amazon if need be.

best carpet cleaner solutions amazon basics dissolvable carpet fabric stain Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Stain Remover


It only takes 30 seconds for the Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Stain Remover to work its magic. Simply blot up the excess liquid on your stain, and spray on this stain remover to watch the mark on your carpet disappear. Once the stain is gone, simply blot the area with a wet rag to ensure you have removed all of the offending substance. Not only does the Woolite Stain Remover get rid of any visible marks, it also does away with tough odors and leaves a clean scent behind.

woolite instaclean permanent stain Image courtesy of Amazon

Woolite INSTAclean Permanent Stain Remover



7. OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner


Since it first appeared on late-night infomercials, people across the country have been depending on OxiClean for removing stains of all types. That’s why it’s only natural that OxiClean makes one of the best solutions for use in carpet cleaning machines. (They also make a spot cleaning spray that we recommend, too.) The powerful carpet cleaning solution penetrates carpet fibers to get at the root of your stains. Thanks to this, it can remove food, wine, coffee, dirt and more from flooring. Simply follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for use in any carpet cleaning machine.

oxiclean large area carpet cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon

OxiClean Large Area Carpet Cleaner

$10.90 $13.98 22% OFF


8. Folex Carpet Spot Remover


While some cleaners are great for rugs, others for upholstery and yet others for pet stains, Folex Carpet Spot Remover safely and instantly removes stains from virtually any surface. There’s no rinsing or vacuuming necessary with this spot remover. Simply spray it on your stain, rub it around with your fingers and blot it with a clean, absorbent cloth to see it get to work instantly.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Folex Carpet Spot Remover

$12.57 $16.40 23% OFF


9. BISSELL Febreze with Gain Carpet Cleaner


The BISSELL Febreze with Gain Carpet Cleaner combines three distinct elements to create a winning product. First, it uses the power of Febreze to provide a long-lasting freshness that lasts four times longer than other carpet cleaning solutions. Second, this carpet cleaner features the clean scent of Gain, and finally, it boasts oxy action to instantly lift away stains from your carpet. This Earth-safe formula is safe to use in most upright, full-size carpet cleaners.

bissell febreze with gain carpet cleaner Image courtesy of Amazon

BISSELL Febreze with Gain Carpet Cleaner


10. Emmy’s Best Odor & Stain Eraser


While carpet stains are ugly, carpet stains that smell, even after the visible stain is gone, are even worse. Unfortunately, smelly stains can happen in all households, whether you have a young child or a pet that has frequent accidents. The Emmy’s Best Odor & Stain Eraser can take care of both the visible stain with its powerful formula as well as the odor thanks to the solution’s innovative enzymes and enjoyable lavender scent. And, if you have pets, this odor elimination can even prevent repeat soiling caused by pheromones.

emmys best powerful pet odor remover Image courtesy of Amazon

Emmy's Best Odor & Stain Eraser

$18.95 $29.95 37% OFF


11. Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner


Here’s a brilliant take on carpet cleaning. Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner is a deep cleaning powder that eliminates moisture that contributes to the growth of bacteria, mold and allergens. That’s on top of removing dirt and odors. It comes in a 4-pound pail.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Capture Carpet Dry Cleaner

$20.47 $36.99 45% OFF


12. Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula


You no longer have to worry about stains from pet messes with the BISSELL 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula. It’s specially formulated to work in all BISSELL and Dirt Devil compact deep cleaning machines. And because it provides two times the concentrate, you can clean more by using less, so your dollar stretches farther.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Bissell 2X Pet Stain & Odor Portable Machine Formula



13. Stuart Pet Supply Co. Deep Clean Cleaner Solution


Sometimes you need the strongest carpet cleaning solutions to make a dent in your stained floors. The Stuart Pet Supply Co. Deep Clean Carpet Cleaner Solution relies on chemistry to surround dirt and remove it, so that it can’t resettle into your home’s fabrics. It works on all water-safe surfaces, including furniture and carpets, and can be used in most carpet cleaning machines. As an added bonus, the fresh linen scent means you won’t be left with a lingering ammonia smell after use.

stuart pet supply co professional strength deep clean Image courtesy of Amazon

13. Stuart Pet Supply Co. Deep Clean Cleaner Solution



14. Hoover Cleanplus Concentrated Carpet Cleaner


Sometimes the stain can be gone, but the odor lingers on. That’s why there’s Hoover Cleanplus Concentrated Cleaner & Deodorizer. This concentrated formula has a fresh, clean linen scent and is completely biodegradeable and non-toxic. Use it to clean carpets, area rugs, upholstery and car interiors.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Hoover Cleanplus Concentrated Carpet Cleaner


15. Carpet Miracle


Carpet Miracle is a rug cleaner that works on all water-safe surfaces and with all floor-cleaning machines. It even works on auto upholstery. It’s non-toxic and safe to clean areas where children play.

carpet cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

Carpet Miracle

$19.97 $39.97 50% OFF


16. Car Guys Super Cleaner


Car Guys Super Cleaner brings new meaning to the phrase “deep down clean.” That’s because it uses advanced nano-technology to effectively lift away dirt and grime at the molecular level. It works on every surface, except glass and delicate instrument panel screens, to leave a clean finish with no gloss or greasy film.

Carpet Cleaning Image courtesy of Amazon

CarGuys Super Cleaner


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