Clean Up Your Act: The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning All the Things

ultimate guide to cleaning
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* Face and body cleansers | Keeping your sneakers white
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Let’s face it, life is dirty. That’s why we put together this list of how to clean everything. Whether you’re a techie who frets of smudged touchscreens, a sneakerhead who wants bright white kicks or just want some advice on keeping the house tidy, here are 25 ways to clean up you act.

1. Screens

Live your life free of fingerprints and smudges with our picks for the best ways to clean your screens. While wipes and tissues can damage your screen, this special selection of screen-specific products will get the job done safely. From microfiber cloths to special sprays and mop-top tools, this list has you covered.

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The Best Ways to Clean Your Screens


2. After Drinking

Headaches, dehydration, lack of sleep and a big mess. The day after you get turned is always a disaster. The first step to turning it around is cleaning up the mess. From specially designed brushes and sponges, to polishing cloths, here’s everything you need to clean your glassware after a night of drinking.

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The Best Ways to Clean Up After Drinking


3. Your Skin

Soap and water alone doesn’t leave you feeling quite fresh enough. Add loofahs or shower sponges to your bathing routine to get your skin squeaky clean, super smooth and excellently exfoliated. We’ve uncovered some of our favorites.

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The Best Ways to Clean Your Skin


4. Kitchen

Anyone who’s worked in a restaurant knows the phrase, “clean as you go.” These handy kitchen helpers let you do just that, cutting down on the time you spend cleaning up so that you can better enjoy your meal.

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The Best Ways to Organize Your Kitchen


5. Stains

Whether it’s your new shirt, your living room rug or another cherished fabric, you’ve no doubt had to deal with a stain at some point. From standard stain removers to pet sprays, here’s what you need to to rid your life of ugly stains.

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The Best Way to Get Rid of Stains


6. Vacuums 

Housework really sucks, especially if you have a vacuum that doesn’t. Whether you have a house with tight spaces, a dog that perpetually sheds or kids who think bringing dirt into the house is their job, you need one of these high-powered suckers.

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The Best Vacuum Cleaners


7. Sneakers

Nothing says “unpolished” more than wearing a great outfit paired with nasty, dirty sneakers. Keeping your shoes clean isn’t as hard as you think. Here are four easy ways to start doing it right now.

sneakers Image courtesy of Amazon

The Best Way to Clean your Sneakers


8. Face

Change the way you wash your face. The Love Your Bare Face Detoxifying Cleansing Stick deep cleans and exfoliates. The all-natural formula contains rice bran oil and pomegranate enzymes. It’s great for freshening up on-the-go.

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Love Your Bare Face


9. Hands

Millions of Americans suffer from germaphobia (technically called mysophobia). Even if your need to be germ-free hasn’t reached the clinical level, it’s good practice to keep you and your family’s hands as clean as possible, especially when you’re on-the go. That’s why you need one of these portable hand cleaners.

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The Best Hand Sanitizers


10. Makeup

If you’re not cleaning your makeup tools on a regular basis, you should be. Not only will it help them last much longer, but it will also prevent harm. Read our complete guide to taking care of your makeup, including cleaning, shelf life and storage.

Makeup Image courtesy of REX/Shutterstock

Makeup: Cleaning, Shelf Life & Storage


11. Sensitive Skin

If fragrances, artificial dyes, colorants or any number of ingredients found in beauty products have caused your skin to break out into bumps, rashes or acne, you probably fall under the “sensitive” skin category. Here are the best face cleansers for skin like yours.

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Sensitive Skin Cleansers


12. Yoga Mats

Whether you’re just starting your yoga journey or you’ve been a yogi for years, one thing that can never be underestimated is the importance of your mat. Ever-present since day one, this trusty companion has seen it all – every stretch, every fall, every tear and every single drop of sweat, too.

how to clean yoga mat Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: How to Clean Your Yoga Mat


13. DIY Dry Cleaning

What could be more convenient and easy than a way to dry clean and refresh your clothes in the comfort of your own home? Woolite has come up with a solution to the hassle of dealing with “dry clean only” clothing with their At-Home Dry Cleaner Cloths . These offer an easy way to clean and refresh your delicate clothing and intimates at your leisure.

dry clean home Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: How to “Dry Clean” Clothes at Home


14. Phones & Tablets

You may not realize it, but your phone is dirty. Like really, really dirty. In fact, experts say the average smartphone is 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. Sure, it sounds scary, but taking a few seconds to clean your phone every day can make all the difference.

how to clean your phone Image courtesy of Amazon

5 Things You Need to Keep Your Phone Clean


15. Coffee Makers

There are a host of regular-use machines around the house that require upkeep and cleaning from time to time. Whether it’s the dishwasher or the filters in your dryer, these tasks are important to maximize the lifespan of your appliances. Your coffee maker is no exception.

how to clean coffee maker Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: How to Clean Your Coffee Maker


16. Cars

Between dealing with the elements like rain, sun, snow and wind, your car’s daily (and inevitable) interaction with dust, food and other debris makes it especially tricky to uphold its sparkling clean exterior and interior.

how to wash car at home Image courtesy of Shutterstock

At-Home Car Wash: 6 Ways to Keep Your Car Clean Inside and Out


17. With Everyday Household Products

We have found a host of common, go-to products that you already have in your cabinets that will work to clean your home, too. Some of these options are tried and true, while the other options might be new. Either way, use of these products will contribute to more money in your pocket, less clutter in your cupboard and an all-over, user-friendly experience.

cleaning hacks Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: 7 Ways to Clean Using Everyday Products You Already Have at Home


18. Laundry Machines

It might not be something you’d thought about before reading this, but your washer and dryer should be cleaned at least once a month. It will make them more effective and will keep them from breaking down or having issues down the road. Don’t worry, though, you won’t need any special equipment or need to know how to disassemble and reassemble either machine.

how to clean washing machine Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: How to Clean Your Laundry Machine


19. Lingerie & Delicates

Cleaning your bras, lingerie, and delicate clothing items made of silk, lace, and mesh can be tricky and time consuming. While hand washing is usually the best option for delicates, there are ways to wash these items in the machine. Find out how in the link below.

how to wash lingerie in machine Image courtesy of Shutterstock

Here’s The Best Way to Wash Your Lingerie and Delicates in The Machine


20. Jeans & Denim

We’ve all been there: your go-to pair of jeans are dirty or stinky, but you can’t put them in the wash. You don’t want to fade that perfect wash and worn-in texture, but at the same time, you can’t walk around smelling like dirty jeans. Head to link below to find out how to wash your jeans and denim items without ruining them.

how to wash denim Image courtesy of Shutterstock

How To Wash Your Jeans (Without Throwing Them In The Wash)


21. Specialty Stain Removers

Stains are a natural part of life. From rust stains around the house to ink stains in your favorite purse, these blemishes can be difficult to clean. From wine stains to household spots to laundry, we’ve rounded up the best specialty stain removers in link below.

specialty stain removers Image courtesy of Shutterstock

These Specialty Solutions Take The Pain Out of Stain Removal


22. Pools

Is your pool ready for relaxing and rollicking, or does it need some TLC. Instead of trying to schedule an appointment or spending a bunch of money on a pool guy, here are some smart new ways to keep your backyard pool tidy without too much backbreaking work.

how to clean pools Image courtesy of shutterstock

SPY Guide: How To Clean Your Pool


23. Garages

Your garage is one under-looked part of your home that likely needs some attention too. Let us help you get the ball rolling with these 8 must-have items to make your cleaning and organizing a snap in the link below.

how to clean garages Image courtesy of Shutterstock

8 Best Products to Help You Clean Out & Organize Your Garage


24. Cameras

DSLR owners can attest to the fact that cameras are an investment. The different lenses, mounts, cases, straps, batteries and more may be expensive, but they’re all an integral part of having (and maintaining) a decent camera. After all, you spend so much on your camera already — shouldn’t you clean it with the right tools? Find out six ways to clean your camera safely in the link below.

how to clean cameras Image courtesy of Shutterstock

SPY Guide: 6 Ways To Clean Your Camera


25. Leather & Suede

Leather products are especially prone to getting scuffed, scraped, and spilled on. Luckily, there’s some pretty effective (and affordable) products to help your leather goods stay soft and clean, no matter how much they get beat up with continued wear. Below are some of the best products for taking care of leather bagsboots, furniture, and car interiors.

how to clean leather Image courtesy of Amazon

Hyde Hygiene: The Best Products for Taking Care of Leather Goods