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Ultra Modern Furniture: The Baxton Studio Acrylic End Table

* Unique stool/end table with built-in racks for books and magazines
* Made from clear acrylic to give a modern and airy look
* Waterproof design ideal for both indoor or outdoor use

It is rare to find original-looking furniture. And finding something that combines originality with great looks and function is nearly impossible. But, that’s exactly what Buxton Studio have achieved with their Acrylic Stool.

The stool is made from thick acrylic, which gives the chair its clear design while providing impressive sturdiness to withstand the rigors of day-to-day use. In terms of color, you can choose black in addition to the more popular clear option.

Each of the stool’s two legs also doubles up as a handy book rack, so you can keep your favorite reads only an arm’s length away. You can also choose to use the striking piece as a handy end table, or even as a tea table when combined with two low-sitting chairs.

The stool’s acrylic build means that you can use it both indoors and outdoors without worry. The material is water resistant and easily cleaned. In addition, the appearance blends with other contemporary decor (think black, white and grey).

With its unique appearance, the Buxton Studio stool can easily remain a one-off piece. However, a set of these modern seats may easily complement the contemporary home and provide a space for you to enjoy time with your family and friends, whether reading in the den or enjoying dinner out in the backyard.

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