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Keep Your Clothes and Closet Fresh With This Ionic Air Purifier

* Prevents odor and pollution damage to clothes
* Prevents mold from deteriorating clothes
* High and low motor settings

If only our clothes could keep that straight-out-of-the-dryer freshness while hanging in the closet. Clothes get musty, moth-eaten and dusty while hung up on hangers for too long, and those conditions gradually destroy the quality of our beloved garments. The Sharper Image has introduced a Closet Ionic Air Purifier to maintain the quality of your clothes even when they’re not being used. If your closet is cramped and stuffy, or even big and airy, it’s important to regulate the air quality so that your clothes remain in top-notch condition.

The Closet Ionic Air Purifier utilizes advanced “plasma breeze technology” to eliminate stale odors that can come from mold, sweaty gym clothes, cigarette smoke and food. Simply hang the lightweight and portable unit up on a closet rod (or place it on the ground) and the motor will circulate clean air throughout your closet with natural ozone that rids the atmosphere of dust, airborne germs and other pollutants. We like the versatile setting options, including the “speed burst” feature that pushes out the strongest smells from your closet in just eight minutes.

Not just for your wardrobe, the Ionic Air Purifier can sanitize other areas of your house too, like the laundry room, shoe closet or bathroom. You’ll also never have to worry about buying or replacing filters. Simple pop out the two removable metal dust collectors for easy cleaning. The batteries also last for up to six months.

The Sharper Image Closet Ionic Air Purifier is quiet, compact and easy to use. Pick up a couple for your home and see – and smell – the difference these purifiers will make.

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