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The Latest Closet Organizing Hack Takes Its Cue From Office File Folders

* Organizing your clothes saves time and prevents endless searching for lost items
* These shelves fit shirts and tees in an easy-to-grab stacking arrangement
* EZSTAX is ideal for placing into drawers, wardrobes or on any table

Imagine this. You’ve just finished a week’s worth of laundry and neatly folded all your clothes. You place them on a shelf or in a drawer and feel rather accomplished. The next morning as you get ready for the day, you realize the shirt you want to wear is at the bottom of your neatly folded stack of shirts. You pull out that shirt and in the process, you completely untidy the rest of the pile, essentially ruining all the folding you did the day prior. It’s a frustrating scenario to say the least.

If you prefer things to stay neat and tidy, you need to invest in this latest bedroom closet organizing hack. The EZSTAX takes its cue from office file folders to create a filing system for your clothes. When using the

, each item of your wardrobe is neatly displayed and easily accessible without messing up the rest of your folded clothes.

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EZSTAX comes with 20 dividers. Each one can hold a single item of clothing that measures up to 11.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep and 2 inches tall. To use the organizer, simply place one folded item onto each divider, stacking the dividers one on top of the other. When you’ve finished placing all the clothing inside, just slide the organizer into a drawer or onto a shelf to keep all your clothes neat and tidy. As an added bonus, if you need more than 20 dividers, multiple EZSTAX organizers can be stacked one on top of another.

In addition to closet organization, the EZSTAX also works well as a travel accessory. Instead of packing and unpacking, add this organizer to your luggage for perfectly folded clothes when you arrive at your destination.

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For a unique closet organization solution, the EZSTAX offers an innovative answer to your folding dilemma.


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