This Coffee Scented Putty is The Best Adult-Friendly Fidget Spinner We’ve Seen

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Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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* Coffee-scented stress reliever for the home or office
* Like a grown-up fidget spinner or original putty dough
* Promises to encourage creativity and help improve concentration

A coffee scented stress reliever that puts a new and adult-friendly spin on the original fidget spinner, this putty is billed as “therapy dough.” It smells like fresh coffee, molds into any shape your stressed-out fingers can mold it into, and makes for a great meditative source of relief at the office or at home. So wake up, smell the coffee, make some shapes and envision the shape of things to come. Just, you know, don’t eat it (especially if you’re gluten-intolerant). Like the original fidget spinner and the classic stress relief putty dough that’s been around for year, this coffee-spiked variety has even more appeal than the original stress relief gadgets thanks to the soothing aroma of a fresh cup of joe.

Therapy Dough Think Geek Image Courtesy of ThinkGeek

The Pinch-me coffee-scented putty is a more creative alternative to click pens and fidget spinners. Great for writers, creative directors, designers and anyone else whose day can involve trying to put your finger on an idea that seems just out of reach. This therapy putty allows you to bask in the tangible, leaving your mind free to explore. Plus, its coffee aroma might have a mild inspirational effect due to Pavlovian conditioning.