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Stylish Coffee Tables That Give Your Drinks, Food, and Feet a Place to Rest

Every living room needs a coffee table which is not only stylish enough to steal the show in your living room, but supportive enough to hold everything you could ever want to put on it.

Coffee tables are one of our favorite pieces of furniture to shop for because they add to the decor while also acting as a practical addition to any room. Plus, the options we’ve found are affordable, which makes shopping fun. A coffee table is not only great for everyday use, including holding remotes, smartphones, drinks, snacks and more, but coffee tables are also an excellent place for extra dining space at parties. Need to work from home or help kids with their homework? A coffee table can be a makeshift workspace. We also love coffee tables with a shelf that acts as extra storage and in many cases, a much-needed bookshelf.

There are a handful of helpful tricks of the trade to keep in mind when shopping for a coffee table. First, the table should be purchased after you’ve already bought your large items, like a couch and chairs. The coffee table should be approximately two-thirds the length of your couch and an ideal amount of space between your table and sofa is between 14 to 18 inches.

Now that you’ve got your measurements and furniture purchased, here are three coffee tables that will help complete your design.

1. Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table

The Sauder North Avenue Coffee Table is perfect for everything. Whether you’re using it for everyday usage or for a special reason, this coffee table can handle it all. Featuring a charter oak finish, this coffee table can mesh well with any design aesthetic.

Pros: Simple design that accommodates everyday usage.

Cons: Design may be too plain for some.

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2. Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table

For a coffee table that will make a significant impact, we recommend the Olee Sleep Cocktail Wood & Metal Legs Coffee Table, the largest table on our list. Measuring 46” long and 18” high, the robust and hardwood pine table has strong steel legs to complete the durable and large coffee table that will fit with both modern and classic décor.

Pros: The Olee comes with a wooden shelf for storage and has a universal design that can fit in a living room, as well as an office, bedroom, hallway, or lobby.

Cons: At 31 pounds and 46” high, the Olee may be too large for small to midsize living rooms.

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3. Household Essentials Ashwood Round Coffee Table

Ideal for apartments or small homes, the Household Essentials Ashwood Round Coffee Table is a compact and lightweight coffee table that has an attractive distressed ashwood grey decorative top and black metal legs. The table measures 16” x 31.5” x 31.5” and weighs only 17 pounds.

Pros: The Household Essentials has a laminate finish on top of the table that makes it easy to clean, a big bonus for homes with children or pets.

Cons: May be too small for larger living rooms.

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