There’s a National Coin Shortage — Count Every Cent With This Coin Counter

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If you’ve been to, well, just about any store as of lately, you’ve probably seen a couple of signs taped up at cash registers explaining that the United States is currently experiencing a coin shortage. As if 2020 couldn’t get any weirder.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the normal circulation of coins has been severely altered, meaning that some areas in the country are suffering from a full-fledged penny shortage. This is due in part to the shift to contactless payment methods that could lessen the spread of coronavirus, like Venmo, Cashapp and PayPal. Now, a lot of businesses are scrounging for change.

You might be thinking, why can’t they just make more? Well, they are. The U.S. Mint has been working at full-capacity since mid-June to provide as many pennies, nickels and dimes as they can to make up for lost time.

Now more than ever, it’s important to raid those couch cushions and junk drawers for any loose change you might have hidden around the house. Some banks are even offering a little more cash if you turn in whatever loose change you might have. And giving cashiers exact change is one tiny way you can help small businesses.

To that end, we have a simple hack for you.

Jumbo Digital Coin Counter Bank Courtesy of Amazon

If you’re counting your coins, we suggest using this digital coin counter bank that will help you tally how much you have. This counter is also awesome for hoarding all of your loose change for a rainy day or a quick weekend vacation.

This coin bank is massive and can hold up to 5,000 coins depending on the combination, so when all is said and done and this shortage is over, this adult piggy bank is going to be an excellent way to save. It’s incredibly sturdy but also lightweight (minus when it’s filled with tons of coins, that is), so you won’t have to worry about it breaking if you drop it.

Jumbo Digital Coin Counter Bank Courtesy of Amazon

Best part of all? The storage unit lid is completely digital, so as you’re putting in each individual coin, the lid will keep count through the weight and size of the coin you’re putting in the top. This means the machine provides an accurate display of how much money you have in the jar at all times.

Ready to count up all that loose change and head to your local bank for a turn-in? Don’t waste any more time. The coin counter goes for just $27 on Amazon and is available via Prime.