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Don’t Pay Coffee Shop Prices, Make Your Own Cold Brew With a Dripo

* Iced coffee system that makes, serves and stores your coffee
* Uses Dutch cold brew system to produce a superior cup of Joe
* The portable system creates cold brew in 2 to 3 hours

Do you love cold brew coffee? If you’ve ever wanted a convenient way to produce the delectable beverage at home, the Dripo is just the tool you need. It’s one of the only portable ice drip coffee makers on the market.

The Dripo is an all-in-one coffee maker with its own brewing system and built-in coffee cup. It’s small enough to be used on the go or enjoyed at home. The inventors of this tiny yet powerful device drew on the Dutch style of cold brew, which uses ice cold water dripped over finely ground coffee for 3 to 12 hours. This type of cold brew requires a specialized maker like the Dripo, but it results in some of the best coffee you’ll ever taste. Your cup of Joe will be more aromatic and have more nuanced flavors with a lighter, bitter-free body.

While terms like “Dutch style” and “ice drip” may sound complicated, using the Dripo couldn’t be easier. Simply add finely-ground coffee to the middle section, fill the top water container with ice water and then assemble the coffee maker with the cup on the bottom.

Once assembled, the Dripo will release 45 drops of water each minute. It will take 2 to 3 hours to produce your silky cup of cold brew. This might seem like too long to wait, but perfection takes time.

With its built-in, spill-proof lid, you can take your Dripo wherever you go. Alternatively, brew it and forget about it. The cold coffee produced will last for several hours or longer in the refrigerator.

With Dripo, you get an elegant cold coffee maker with a simple design that makes a better cup of cold brew than you’ll find in many cafes. Stop paying high prices for your cold brew and get a Dripo instead.

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