Enjoy Your Home like Never Before with a Comfortable Porch Swing

Porch Swing

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From the increase in the availability of entertainment options, to more severe weather from global warming, there are several reasons why people on average are spending less time outside than they did in previous generations. In a study done by marketing firm DJ Case and Associates in conjunction with state and federal wildlife and park agencies, a survey of 12,000 Americans found that three-quarters of people surveyed spent 10 or fewer hours outside each week. An astonishing 25 percent of those asked reported they spent less than two hours outside each week. So, how can we get outside more? We can start with little steps, like making your immediate outdoor area more appealing. We recommend a porch swing.

There are several reasons why spending time outside is beneficial to a person’s mental, physical and emotional health. From de-stressing, to improving memory, to reducing inflammation, depression, and fatigue, the list of why we should be outside is long and convincing. And making the shift can also start on your own front porch.

Turning your property into a place you can enjoy both indoors and outdoors is of tremendous personal value. Whether a new porch swing represents a place for you to take the indoors out, including a new reading nook, a place to catch up on emails, or even stream shows on your phone, it signifies a spot to enjoy the outdoors in comfort. For more on finding your new outdoor happy place, check out three of our favorite porch swings below.

1. Amish Heavy Duty Treated Porch Swing

With an impressive weight capacity of 800 pounds and a length of five feet, the Amish Heavy Duty Treated Porch Swing can sit several people at once. The number one kiln-dried pressure-treated pine used to make the swing is finished in an eco-friendly soy-based cedar tone stain that gives the swing a traditional look and feel. The swing comes with an eight-foot chain for easy hanging.

Pros: The rollback design brings in an added element of comfort to the swing, which is made with 1 inch thick slats that have rounded edges for added safety. We also like that the Amish porch swing comes with two built-in cupholders on either end.

Cons: Although the swing comes with the hanging chain, the hardware to put the swing together must be purchased separately.

Amish Heavy Duty Treated Porch Swing Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cupholders

For a porch swing that is easy to assemble and durable, we recommend the Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cupholders. The slats of the swing are attached with brass plated screws and have sanded rounded edges and a rounded back for added comfort. Sold with everything you need, hanging and assembly takes less than 15 minutes.

Pros: The swing can be used as-is or it can be stained or painted for a more customized look.

Cons: The Cypress Porch Swing has extra large armrests for added comfort, but unlike the Amish swing, the two cupholders on the Cypress swing are in the armrest and not next to it, which takes away some of the real estate of the armrest.

Handmade Cypress Porch Swing with Cupholders Image courtesy of Amazon

3. Jack Post Country Garden Swing Seat

Made from quality hardwood and free from knots, the Jack Post Country Garden Swing Seat is naturally resistant to rotting and warping and provides a warm touch to any porch or garden. The steel frame is made durable thanks to bronze powder coating. Like the Handmade Cypress, the Jack Post comes with everything users will need to assemble and hang the swing.

Pros: Measuring 52 x 27 x 24.75 inches, the compact Jack Post is ideal for porches or gardens that are limited in space.

Cons: The Jack Post is better suited for use in covered areas away from direct weather. It also has a lower weight rating than the first two swings and can only hold up to 500 pounds and two people. Unlike the first two swings, the Jack Post does not have cup holders.

Jack Post Country Garden Swing Seat Image courtesy of Amazon