This Mini Vacuum Cleaner Kills Dust Mites, Allergens and Even Bed Bugs and It’s Only $69 Right Now

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* Light and portable handheld design
* Hypoallergenic and features a .3 miron HEPA filter
* Disinfects with UF light and heat

A compact, hand-held vacuum cleaner seems to be one of the best cleaning tools for sofas, chairs, bedding, curtains and more. The trouble is, it can be challenging to find an affordable compact vacuum that doesn’t, well, suck. Metaphorically at least. The top-rated and best-selling Compact UV Vacuum by Housemile not only provides plenty of suction power, but it also has a few nifty features that exalt it beyond the usual crop of battery-powered and plug-in handheld household vacuums.

Housmile Vacuum handheld amazon Image Courtesy Amazon

They say nature abhors a vacuum; well dust mites and bedbugs probably abhor this one. It pairs its “double strong” suction with a vibration-emitting pad that helps dislodge dust mites and crumbs, along with a UV light capable of killing most bacteria. It also purports to be strong enough to remove most allergens such as pet dander and pollen grains, from common bedding surfaces. This compact vacuum also lends itself well as an accessory tool for re-purposing old furniture. It makes for a handy way to clean up flea market finds and ensure that there are no, well, literal fleas on them.