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Stay Cool This Summer With a Set of Linen Sheets

* Oeko-Tex certifications means no harmful chemicals or substances
* Small batch production runs for these garment dyed sets result in unique variances for each piece
* Made in Portugal

It’s said that the average person spends roughly 230,000 hours sleeping during their lifetime. That’s roughly one third of your life. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in a rotation of quality bed sheets?

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No matter the temperature on the AC display, your body radiates heat when you’re under the covers. And with summer almost here, you may want to consider a set of linen sheets to keep you cool and dry, like these ones from Venice Beach’s very own Parachute.

Have you wondered why linen is so popular during the summer? Well, it’s a textile that’s made from the fibers of the flax plant and those fibers are very absorbent. Because of its high conductivity, it feels cool to the touch. Unlike cotton, linen fibers can absorb a decent amount of moisture without feeling damp — and they just as quickly lose said moisture. In other words, the unique weave of linen allows air to flow freely. Because of its stiff structure, it will never cling to your skin. It also reflects heat better than other fabrics.

Parachute’s linen sheet set includes a fitted sheet and two pillowcases. Because they’re made in such small batches, the color of each piece is unique and will vary. But they’re milled in a factory in northern Portugal where textile production has been going strong since the 18th century, which makes them even more desirable.

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