Display Your Items With Eye-Catching Bookends

best cool bookends
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Most book lovers know that there is no such thing as owning too many books, but there is such a thing as too little space for books. Overflowing bookshelves can mean it’s time to look for other spaces to store your favorite novels, but how do you keep books in place on a shelf or coffee table? Enter the wonderful world of bookends.

Bookends have the practical function of keeping items in place. Although the name insinuates that they can only be used for books, bookends are great multi-use item that can help organize CDs, DVDs, magazines, files, and vinyl records. Some bookends are designed to blend into the background and keep the focus on the items they are holding up, but we also like bookends that double as décor pieces.

Typically sold in pairs, bookends can also be used a single unit to hold books inside a bookshelf or against a wall. Depending on the weight of the items they are helping to contain, heavier bookends may be necessary in some cases. Bookends are an easy item to incorporate into the design of a room since exact measurements aren’t needed in relation to what the bookend is holding. Need to add two more books?  Simply slide your bookend further along the shelf and make some room.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the book lover in your life or want to organize your space while adding some flair to your décor, these bookends put the ‘fun’ in functional.


1. MyGift Dark Brown Industrial Pipe & Rustic Wood Bookends


For a modern yet timeless bookend option, we like the industrial pipe and rustic wood bookends from MyGift. Appropriate for use in a home or office, the dark brown bookends have a masculine feel that brings a subtle coolness to any décor. The steampunk-inspired bookends combine metal and wood for a mixed-media design that will work with books, vinyl records, DVDs, magazines, files, and keepsakes.

MyGift Dark Brown Industrial Pipe & Rustic Wood Bookends Image courtesy of Amazon

2. MyGift Vintage Bronze Bridge Bookends


Also from MyGiftt and available via Amazon Prime, these cool bookends are designed to look like two halves of a suspension bridge. We picked out a similar option recently as one of the best gifts for book lovers, and we’re obsessed with these bridge bookends. Seriously, how cool do these look?

cool bridge bookends Courtesy of Amazon

If you prefer black metal to copper, you also can’t go wrong with this slightly more expensive option, which is also available on Amazon. The industrial bridge bookends below are in limited supply!

black suspension bridge book ends Courtesy of Amazon

3. Geometric Black Metal Bookends


Looking for cool bookends that will blend in perfectly with modern decor? Then check out these stylish geometric bookends. Crafted from black metal, these bookends have a unique design. Rather than a backward L-shape, the support slips under the books.

geometric bookends Courtesy of Amazon

4. AMOYSTONE Teal Geode Bookends


Keeping gems in the home has grown in popularity thanks to what many believe is a positive effect that gems and crystals can have on their environment. That’s why we like these agate geode bookends from Amoystone. Agate is formed from volcanic rock and is cool and smooth to the touch. Each bookend is unique even when two pieces are cut from the same rock. The sturdy bookends weigh 2-3 pounds and come with clear rubber bumpers to help keep them in place and protect furniture.

AMOYSTONE Teal Bookends Image courtesy of Amazon

5. Yoda Bookend


The force is strong with this bookend, which is made from stainless steel and features Yoda showing off his powers. The metal bookend is designed on a slant to make it appear as though the powerful Jedi Master is holding up items using his incredible power. Bookend cool, it is.

Yoda Bookend Image courtesy of Amazon

6. Fasmov Ferris Wheel City Bookends


Bring a piece of London, Paris, or New York City into your home with the Fasmov bookends. Available in a variety of styles, the metal bookends re-create iconic skylines. The all-black metal bookends have a nonskid bottom help to keep items securely in place while adding to the home or office décor.

Fasmov Ferris Wheel City Bookends Image courtesy of Amazon

7. Agirlgle Decorative Bookends


For a look that is modern and will match the décor in a home or office, we like the decorative bookends from Agirlgle. The all-black metal geometric shapes are made from heavy-duty steel and powder coated for added durability. The anti-rust bookends are elegant and unique and strong enough to hold up multiple books, DVDs, vinyl records, and other items.

Agirlgle Decorative Bookends Image courtesy of Amazon

8. Bellaa Vintage Camera Bookend


Cinephiles will love the vintage camera bookend from Bellaa, which is perfect for displaying books on film, DVDs, VHS tapes, or even old film reels. The 7-inch tall bookends are made with fine resin and look as though they have been hand sculpted. The unique bookends are a great addition to any home movie theater or library.

Bellaa Vintage Camera Bookend Image courtesy of Amazon

9. Personalized Children’s Bookends by Birchmark Designs


Kids love things with their names on them, so help them get excited about reading with their own personalized bookends. Choose from various font designs and animals for a truly unique and one-of-a-kind set of bookends from Birchmark Designs that your little reader will enjoy for years.

Personalized Children’s Bookends by Birchmark Designs Image courtesy of Etsy

10. Vinyl Record Bookends by DIY Mike


For bookends that any music fan will love, we recommend the Vinyl Record Book Ends by DIY Mike. Using real vinyl records, the records are bent at the bottom to create a bookend structure that can hold in books, vinyl records, CDs, and other keepsakes. A great conversation starter, the bookends add fun and function and hit all the right notes.

Vinyl Record Bookends by DIY Mike Image courtesy of Etsy

11. Marble Bookends from the Venus Williams Collection


For a modern motif that needs some help keeping books and other loose items in place, we like the Marble Bookends from the Venus Williams Collection. The white and charcoal grey stripes have a neutral tone that will match several color schemes. Weighing 4.85 pounds and measuring 5 inches wide and 6 inches high, the marble bookends are ideal for holding in heavy items.

Marble Bookends from the Venus Williams Collection Image courtesy of Target