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This Minimalist Clock is Barely Readable And That’s OK

* Designed in Amsterdam
* Inspired by blurry images
* Made with a German movement

Do not attempt to adjust your screen. The wall clock you see above is intentionally hazy as its name would imply. Designed in Amsterdam by Ivan Kasner for Leff, the Hazy Clock is less clock than it is wall art. And that’s perfectly okay with us.

Drawing inspiration from blurry images during the design process, Dutch designer Kasner says the “Hazy” is meant to evoke feelings of “exhilaration, ingenuity and lucidity.” In other words, you should feel as though you’re in a dream state when looking through the opaque face of the clock and attempting to decipher its blurred hands.

Besides, the Hazy measures nearly 14 inches across, so it’s not that hard to read. And the contrast between the white hands and smokey grey face add to its readability over other color combinations.

While the cloudy nature of the clock may frustrate some folks at first glance, consider for a moment how much time you might actually spend looking at a wall clock in your home. Probably not much, right? Now consider any guests you might have over and the experience they’ll have with the Hazy Clock. A more traditional clock may not even elicit a reaction. But the Hazy Clock will surely stop visitors in their tracks. And that’s a good thing.

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