36 Cool Office Supplies That Actually Make Your Workspace a Bit More, You Know, Enjoyable

cool office supplies
Courtesy of Fluidstance

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If you want your office desk to be the envy of all your co-workers, these fun and cool office supplies are sure to brighten up your workday and leave your colleagues wanting. Of course, we’ve got cool versions of the basics like staplers and storage options, but we know for sure there are some cool office supplies below that you’ve never even considered. (Did you know desk pads could be heated?)

So whether you’re here just to find cooler versions of the things you need or looking for the awesome office supplies you never knew you needed, check out some of our favorites below. More than one of them will transform your desk from a place of productive drudgery to your preferred place to do your work.

From pun-inspired tape dispensers to functional moon lamps, we’re sure you’ll find something awesome to upgrade your office.


1. Project 62 Hanging File Holder

If you’re looking for another level of organization, the Target Project 62 Hanging File Holder will add a stylish pop of black and gold to your desk or nearby shelf. The hanging design makes sifting through your papers a lot easier.

Target Hanging File Holder Courtesy of Target


2. Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger Organizer

No desk is complete without an organizer, but why go for something utterly basic when you can get the Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger Organizer? Yes, you can organize your pens, but you can also wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled phone while you work. Plus, the charging dock is deep enough to handle phone cases, and the docking angle means you can easily check your phone for any notifications without picking it up. As cool office supplies go, it doesn’t get much more practical than this. We promise your co-workers will be envious.

Veelink Bamboo Wireless Charger with Organizer; cool office supplies Courtesy of Amazon


3. Sirmedal Acrylic Matte Gold Stapler

A stapler feels so passé, until you need one. Don’t be the person running around the office or tearing up your apartment to find “that one stapler.” Pick up the Sirmedal Acrylic Matte Gold Stapler. An acrylic body houses the gold parts for an elegant take on the humble stapler which looks as good as it works.

Sirmedal Elegant Clear Acrylic Matte Gold Office Stapler Courtesy of Amazon


4. Cassette Tape Dispenser

We love everything about this desk accessorie. Like all cool office supplies, it’s definitely a conversation starter, and anyone who appreciates a good pun will applaud your newest desk totchke. Designed to dozens of pens, plenty of odds and ends and, of course, a roll of tape, the Cassette Tape Dispenser is as practical as it is fun.

cassette-tape-dispenser Courtesy of Amazon

5. Fluidstance Slope Personal Desktop Whiteboard & Pen

For anyone that spends their day typing away, this is more than just an elegant desk buddy. It’s essential for avoiding hand, wrist, and finger pain — especially if you’re already suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Fluidstance engineered an eco-friendly device to place between your keyboard and monitor, offering the ideal angle for writing. It also has a dry-erase surface, so you can jot down notes when they come to mind. Plus, its raised surface lets you slide your keyboard beneath in a de-cluttering move that opens up more free desk space.

26. Fluidstance Slope Personal Desktop Whiteboard & Pen Courtesy of Fluidstance

6. Lamicall Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount

Speaking of being able to easily see your phone from your desk, nothing makes that easier than the Lamicall Phone Holder Gooseneck Mount. The mount attaches to the desk with a strong base clamp, and the sturdy bendable snake arm doesn’t droop when holding your phone. It’s perfect to record a video, join a meeting, or watch a show when it’s slow. (Don’t blame us if you get caught.)

Lamicall Goosneck Mount Phone Holder Courtesy of Amazon


7. iVict Clip-on LED Light

My wife bought this iVict Clip-on LED Light for our mutual pandemic desk and it worked wonderfully. It has a flexible gooseneck for the perfect position, three color temperatures, and 10 brightness settings.

Sure, I didn’t suddenly look like George Clooney when I used it, but I was way better lit and came across much clearer during my meetings with the light on.

iVict Clip-on LED Light Courtesy of Amazon


8. Olidik Warming Desk Pad

While we recommend a standard desk pad for anyone looking to make their space look more organized, why not go one step farther and pick up the Olidik Warm Desk Pad. Whether you’re in an office whose temperature is set to nuclear winter or simply just looking for a little extra warmth when you set your hands down, this heated desk pad is among the best cool office supplies you hadn’t even thought of.

Olidik Warm Desk Pad; cool office supplies Courtesy of Amazon


9. Aluratek 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame

Photos on desks aren’t for everyone, but if you like to keep your close ones in mind during the workday, you might appreciate the Aluratek 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame to avoid figuring out who makes the cut.

We like this digital frame because it’s extremely simple. Simply put whatever photos you want on a flash drive and plug it into the frame. When you power it on, your photos will appear as a slideshow.

Aluratek 7-Inch LCD Digital Photo Frame Courtesy of Amazon


10. BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer

Coffee and tea are the real lifeblood of the American economy and nothing’s more frustrating than going for those last few sips and finding lukewarm or even cold coffee. Enter the BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer. This induction mug warmer activates (and deactivates) automatically when any mug is placed (or removed) from it. It’s also sleek, compact, and does a decent job of keeping your beverage warm, even if it can’t make your drink hot again.

BESTINNKITS Smart Coffee Warmer Courtesy of Amazon


11. ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion

Fight back and tailbone pain with the ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion. Though there are a lot of great office-seat cushions out there, we like the value the ComfiLife cushion brings to the table (or chair).

A non-slip rubber bottom ensures the cushion stays put, and the gel memory foam cushion provides all the support your tailbone needs and then some. Just make sure you hide it away before your co-workers swipe it right out from under you.

ComfiLife Gel Enhanced Seat Cushion Courtesy of Amazon


12. Renawe Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen

Nothing says cool office supplies like a fancy pen. Because pens are so commonplace and yet used increasingly less in much white-collar work, a really rad pen stands out and just might give you some much-needed master-of-the-universe vibes. The Renawe Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen is made from maple and rosewood for a classy appearance. It also comes with a desk stand for when it’s not in use, so you can flex on your co-workers even when you’re not using it.

Renawe Luxury Wooden Ballpoint Pen; cool office supplies Courtesy of Amazon


13. Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand

A sleek laptop stand doesn’t have to just be functional, it can look cool too. The Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand does both.

The sturdy aluminum stand will give your computer the extra height it needs for more comfortable typing angles or to improve your appearance during virtual meetings. Plus, rubber pads keep the stand from sliding and you can easily adjust the elevation height with the front slider knob.

Rain Design iLevel2 Adjustable Height Laptop Stand Courtesy of Amazon


14. Modern Wood Standing Desk Converter

Standing desks are apparently all the rage, but if you’re not ready to hop on that expensive bandwagon yet (raises hand), try this Modern Wood Standing Desk Converter sold on Etsy. It’s essentially just a classy wood desk that goes on your regular desk so you can get out of the chair for a change of pace without committing hundreds to a proper standing desk. It’s easy to put together at a moment’s notice and breaks apart for easy storage when you’d rather sit.

Modern wood standing desk converter; cool office supplies Courtesy of Etsy


15. Holmes Heritage 4-Inch Mini USB Desk Fan

Depending on where you live, it’s been hot for months now or the mercury is finally starting to rise and stay put. Whatever the case may be, it’s never a bad time for a cool desk fan like the Holmes Heritage 4-Inch Mini USB Desk Fan. It’s stable, draws power via USB, delivers a pleasant desk breeze, and looks pretty dang good in brushed copper.

Holmes Heritage 4-inch Mini USB Desk Fan in brushed copper Courtesy of Amazon


16. Target Project 62 Paper Drawers

Nothing destroys the appearance of tidiness faster than loose papers strewn about. These modern Project 62 Paper Drawers from Target can easily fit on your desk, on the floor, or on another nearby piece of furniture to get your stray pieces of paper organized.

Target Paper Drawers set of two in charcoal; cool office supplies Courtesy of Target


17. Grovemade Wood Apple Keyboard Tray

Display your Apple keyboard in style with the Grovemade Keyboard Tray, available in a modern yet natural wooden aesthetic. Offered in American Black Walnut and Maple, each tray is hand sanded and oiled for a truly artisanal effect. Lined with natural cork to protect your desk while keeping your keyboard in place, this handsome accessory is the perfect way to add warmth to a modern desktop setup.

Grovemade Wood Apple Keyboard Tray Courtesy of Grovemade

18. Potted Succulent Push Pins

Shout your love for plants from the rooftops with this affordable and adorable succulent push pin set, which can pin more than 30 pieces of standard paper. Along with keeping your papers organized, they add a muted pop of color to minimalist office spaces. They’re also a way to add a slightly whimsical addition that’s still somewhat classy. A must-have for anybody with a green thumb or an unhealthy obsession with succulents.

Potted Succulent Push Pins Courtesy of Target

19. Project 62 Metallic Tape Dispenser

Forget hiding that old roll of Scotch tape in your drawers – this sleek alternative with squared-off lines is the ultimate way to add a little flash to your desktop without making it tacky. Made from metal, it has a sharp blade that cuts through tape easily and evenly and an easy-turn mechanism. Whether you’re crafting at your desk or splicing important documents, this metallic tape designed by Project 62 is chic and trendy.

Project 62 Metallic Tape Dispenser Courtesy of Target

20. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

If you frequently use notebooks, this smart reusable notebook by Rocketbook is a cool office supplies essential that you don’t want to miss out on. The 36-page dotted grid can be wiped off with a damp microfiber cloth, and handwritten notes can easily be uploaded to the cloud or Google drive. With the help of included Pilot Frixion pen, their sophisticated AI tech will help make you more productive and is a stylish addition to your desk with its charcoal cover.

rocketbook smart notebook Courtesy of Amazon

21. Aivoya 5-Piece Dancing Cat Figurine Holder

Cat lovers will adore this sassy cat pen holder, which also makes a fantastic stocking stuffer or small gift. Made from durable PCV, a dancing cat holds up your pen, pencil or earphones with its adorable little arms. Ideal for anyone who’s constantly losing or misplacing their writing utensils, this feline figurine is the best way to inject a little playful whimsy into your boring workday. Let it inspire you when you have a case of the Mondays!

Aivoya 5-Piece Dancing Cat Figurine Holder Courtesy of Amazon

22. TESSAN Tower Power Strip

Forget bulky and unsightly horizontal outlet strips, this tower-style power strip with surge protection has multiple outlets and a six-foot extension cord while taking up minimal space. Featuring 11 widely spaces outlets and three USB chargers, all of your devices will happily be plugged into one space so you don’t have to worry about the low battery ping at the worst moment possible. The base also has rubber feet that prevent slippage and increase stability.

TESSAN Tower Power Strip Courtesy of Amazon

23. Branch Furniture Small Filing Cabinet

Space often comes at a premium with small homes and offices, and finding a safe space to keep your valuable papers can be tough. Although it’s a little larger than a piece of desk decor, this small filing cabinet will fit beneath most desks and has a clean, slick sleek style with an integrated lock and wheels. A compact storage solution for anyone who needs some help with organizing, and couldn’t we all, now and then? Great for filing work-related paperwork, personal tax info and more.

Branch Furniture Small Filing Cabinet Courtesy of Branch Furniture

24. Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf

Another chic wooden offering from Grovemade, the elevated Desk Shelf provides a lift for your computer. With a clean, matte finish, these desk shelves are crafted from durable materials like aluminum, cork and powder-coated engineered wood. It can bring the rest of your WFH or office set up together while making it more ergonomic – along with holding your computer, it can provide additional shelf space for post-its and other accessories. Available in their signature wooden tones and a new release in matte white.

Grovemade Wood Desk Shelf Courtesy of Grovemade

25. Smoko Plush Cable Buddy

Sure, you can find more grown-up cable organizers that keep wires out of the way. But are any of them as fun as this Smoko Plush cable buddy that’s designed to cling to your cables or the side of your computer? On sale for a ridiculously cheap price, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t get a few of these palm-sized round and fuzzy lil’ friends. Also comes in a smiling boba tea option for the bubble tea lover in your life.

Smoko Plush Cable Buddy Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

26. Courant CATCH:3 Essentials

A classy catch-all tray and a wireless charger are both necessary for any office setup, and this high-tech device combines the two into one. The CATCH:3 by Courant is available in sophisticated shades like camel, charcoal and forest green, providing a charging pad for your phone on one side and a spacious tray for accessories to keep beside it. You can also add a monogram for an extra fee if desired.

Courant CATCH:3 Essentials Courtesy of Courant

27. Modern Lazy Susan

If a basic cup-style holder isn’t enough for your stationary, consider this spinning Modern Lazy Susan organizer for pens, pencils clips and more. With multiple stylishly integrated compartments, it spins to conveniently keep essentials without reach, ensuring that you won’t spill your paperclips or pencils. An organizational hack that everyone should know about, this desktop organizer comes in three subtle colors and is useful for adults and kids alike, so stock up!

Modern Lazy Susan Courtesy of West Elm

28. Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion/Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

Although there is no shortage cool office supplies out there, how many of them relieve your back pain? Even the best office seat cushions often seem to flatten over time or simply not provide the right amount of lumbar support. However, Cushion Lab’s extra dense memory foam options bring a new kind of pressure relief to office seating, even if you’re in a cheap chair or sitting for extended amounts of time. Their bestsellers are the Pressure Relief Seat Cushion and the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow, which are most effective when bought as a bundle.

Cushion Lab Pressure Relief Seat Cushion/Back Relief Lumbar Pillow Courtesy of The Cushion Lab

29. Nature’s Mark Mini Zen Garden

Let’s face it: Work is stressful no matter what job you’re doing. That’s why every worker should have something peaceful or relaxing for when the going just gets a little too rough. Though they might seem a little hokey, mini zen gardens like the Nature’s Mark Mini Zen Garden can offer a much-needed respite during a hectic day. When you let your imagination place the rocks and do a little sand raking, you’d be surprised at how much the garden can lighten your mood.

Nature's Mark Mini Zen Garden Courtesy of Amazon


30. Golf Club Pen Set Desk Game

If zen isn’t your way to relaxation, then perhaps the Golf Club Pen Set Desk Game will be more up your alley. The game comes with three “clubs” to putt the balls into one of two holes, and when you’re not golfing, each club is a different colored pen — red, black and blue — to jot down whatever you need.

Golf Club Pen Set Courtesy of Amazon


31. DjuiinoStar Low-Temperature Stirling Engine

The DjuiinoStar Low Temperature Stirling Engine is absolutely useless for any work purpose, but it’s sure to entertain you and everyone around you. It’s literally a mini Stirling engine, that is, an engine that uses heat to produce mechanical energy. If you place this little engine on a hot cup of water (or a hot cup of coffee or tea) and give the wheel a spin to kickstart it, it won’t stop spinning until the difference in temperatures between the top and bottom of the base isn’t enough to drive the mechanisms. Science, why are you so awesome?

DjuiinoStar Low Temperature Stirling Engine; cool office supplies Courtesy of Amazon


32. Floating Moon Desk Lamp

Even those who aren’t night owls will love this floating moon desk lamp, which levitates as it rotates and gives off a mesmerizing glow. There’s nothing kitschy about this unique and calming piece of sophisticated desk art. A series of magnets helps suspend the 3D-printed moon, which sits above a walnut foundation. It has three light settings that remain charged through wireless LED lights inside the moon. Think of it as a meditative break to rest your eyes from all that screen fatigue.

Floating Moon Desk Lamp Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

33. Deep Sea Sand Art

Back in the day, bottles filled with colorful layers of sand were enough to earn some oohs and aahs. Since then we’ve had some upgrades in sand art, like this stunning Deep Sea invention by Klaus Bosch, which depicts all kinds of natural landscapes. Just rotate the glass ring and gently shift drifts of dark, light, and golden sand, which transform into mountains, deserts, oceans, clouds, and more. The artistic formations are next level, which is why this device has been a desktop favorite for over a decade.

Deep Sea Sand Art Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

34. Standing Desk Balance Board

The ultimate accessory for a standing desk would have to be this skateboard-style balance board, which helps challenge and strengthen your core. For decades, we sat in our offices. Now, many of us stand in them. This balance board engages your body with a subtle motion that’s not distracting when it comes to getting work done. Here’s what sets this board apart from the rest: As balance skills improve, you can add more air to the rubber cushion to up the difficulty. The bumpers are sound and scratch-free, so you can focus.

tanding Desk Balance Board Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

35. Objecto W7 Ultrasonic Humidifier

A humidifier isn’t exactly the sleekest addition to a home office, but it’s necessary for anyone in a dry environment or living with sinus issues. This wooden-grain humidifier looks like a sculpture, adding a sense of decor (and the right amount of moisture) to your home-office setup. The next time burnout starts to creep up on you, add a few drops of essential oil for some calming breaths to help you reset. It runs for up to 22 hours and automatically shuts off when the tank is empty.

Objecto W7 Ultrasonic Humidifier Courtesy of West Elm

36. Autonomous ErgoStool

Autonomous ErgoStool Courtesy of Autonomous

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