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Coaster to Coaster: America’s 30 Coolest Drink Coasters

There’s a classic Curb episode in which Larry David investigates which of his friends doesn’t respect wood — that is, he tries to get to the bottom of who damaged Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ table by not putting a coaster down. Many of the grievances of the fictionalized version of Larry David are frankly ridiculous, but we’re with him on this one. Coasters are an incredibly cheap and easy way to protect your coffee, dining, and side tables from condensation from cold drinks or warping from hot drinks. If you respect wood, you use a coaster.

Beyond their practical application, drink coasters can be treated as decor, whether your tastes skew mid-century modern, Scandi minimalist, or you’re more of a color-loving maximalist. Because they come in so many colors and styles, they can serve as a tasteful bit of functional decor on your coffee table. Not for nothing, having a set of matching coasters will also make any bachelor pad seem more grown up.

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And while there’s seemingly not much to a coaster, they’re not all created equal. The material of the coaster can make a big difference in how effectively it protects your table from moisture. It’s best to look for coasters that are made from absorbent materials.

It may seem counterintuitive, but an absorbent cork, felt, or sandstone coaster will absorb moisture without transferring water to the table. Nonabsorbent coasters will either just stick to the bottom of your glass or drip onto the table. If you are looking at nonabsorbent materials like metal, it’s good to go for one with a raised edge or lip to keep condensation contained.

We’ve done the work for you and rounded up the coolest coasters to buy for every interior that will work just as well for ice-cold cocktails in the evening and piping hot coffee the next morning.

best overall

LA-based Graf Lantz specializes in home goods made from merino wool felt, a material that is as cozy and inviting as it is durable. The coasters come in a pack of four in 18 different color schemes, and they’re available in square or circular shapes. Since it’s wool, it can absorb a lot of water without getting damp.

most luxe

Leatherology specializes in, you guessed it, leather goods. The same properties of leather that make it good for jackets and shoes also work for coasters. These coasters are durable, good looking, and they get better with age. Plus, you can customize most Leatherology goods for $10 extra. These coasters come in a set of four and are available in black, tan, oxblood, dove, or black leather with an embossed croc detail if you’re extra fancy.

best for fidgeters

Part puzzle, part coaster, Areaware’s Bower Studios-designed coasters have become a trendy option, at least as far as coasters go. They’re available in various colors and fit together in an eye-catching way. While they seem expensive, they come in a set of 12, while most other coasters on this list come in a set of 4 or 6. If you regularly entertain, it’s good to have coasters and conversation pieces. It’s rare to have a coaster that is a conversation piece, but this set fits the bill.

best midcentury


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Square and round aren’t the be-all, end-all of coaster shapes. These curved coasters call to mind the eclectic look of mid-century modern hanging mobiles. They’re made from recycled leather and come in a set of four. Colors include blue, green, sand, and black.

Most functional


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Water can damage wood, but some wood can take it better than others. These coasters are made from acacia, which is naturally durable and moisture-resistant. The raised lip helps keep moisture in check.

best gastropub vibe

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These black slate coasters are a dark, moody alternative to your average coaster. They’re made from natural stone with a rubber backing to protect your table.

best 80s vibe

Terrazzo adds a charmingly kitschy appeal to any interior. These coasters are made from recycled rubber and come in numerous colors.

best dune vibe

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Thirstystone makes coasters from sandstone, a material notable for its unique, natural pattern. The porous material effectively absorbs liquid and keeps it from pooling on your table. The natural cork backing also protects the table from scratches.

best silicone option

Yamazaki Home is a brand that nails Japanese minimalism, and the brand’s designs come in uniform shades of white, black, or light wood. This set of coasters is made from easy-to-clean and heat absorbent silicone, and the raised lip helps prevent spills.

best collectible


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Vintage coasters are harder to collect than, say, vintage ashtrays, largely because the paper ones start to dissolve the second, you put a cold one on them. But they’re out there, like this new old stock Pabst Blue Ribbon set. They may not be the best for use as an actual coaster, but they’re cool to collect.

Coaster to Coaster: America’s 30 Coolest Drink Coasters
best beach house vibe

This set of rattan coasters comes in a set of 6 and includes a coaster caddy. It’s perfect for the boho, coastal grandma vibe.

best variety


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If you like to collect vintage barware and you love a little surprise, this Etsy seller offers a bundle of 10 mystery vintage coasters from European bars and pubs.

best saloon vibe

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Giddy up. These cowboy-inspired coasters are ideal for a swinging-door saloon, but they work just as well in a regular living room.

sustainable option

Cork is as stylish as it is sustainable, and the absorbency and heat resistance make it great for drinks. This set of 12 is great for entertaining large groups.

best splurge

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For a pop of color, go for this Jonathan Adler-designed set. They’re made from porcelain and have a curved design.

best for desks

Grovemade makes some of the most stylish desk accessories money can buy, and while they’re pretty expensive, they can at least add some serenity to a busy workday. These coasters are made from virgin wool felt and come in dark or light gray. Four coasters are included.

most unique


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(Faux) tortoiseshell is a cool pattern that works for more than just eyewear. This set of 4 is made from acrylic.

most trippy

Doodling on the table never looked so good. These silicone coasters have a unique squiggle design. It may not do the best job of containing moisture, but it’ll protect your surfaces from hot beverages.

best basic


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Ikea can get a bad rap, but the brand nails the basics. These simple cork coasters come in a set of two and are easy to stock up on.

best for housewarmings


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Maybe your days of buying their clothes are behind you, but H&M has a solid and eclectic mix of home goods, like this graphic print coaster set with a soft base.

best for fancy housewarmings


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The inspirations may be eclectic, but Schoolhouse consistently delivers tasteful interior design goods. These coasters are pretty expensive, but the stylish brass look makes for a great housewarming gift, and the cork base protects your surfaces.

best novelty

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You definitely shouldn’t put drinks on your vinyl records, but these vinyl-inspired coasters are fair game. They come in a set of 12.

best for rum drinkers

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Once you start getting into the world of Tiki, it’s hard to stop. This set of four midcentury-inspired Tiki coasters are the perfect resting spot for your Mai Tais.

best for cheese parties

Cheese boards are big right now. Not these, of course. These are small. They’re made from durable, water-resistant acacia.

most bougie

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It’s hard to deny the luxe appeal of marble. If you can’t afford a whole countertop, these marble coasters are the next best thing.

best for bar vibes


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These flexible coasters call to mind the rubber mats used in bars, and the dimpled design serves the functional purpose of collecting water.

most playful


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For a dose of flower power, pick up these coasters, which are made from recycled plastic.

best for clumsy people

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Each coaster is woven from cotton, so you won’t freak out the dog when you inevitably drop one. A handy holder is included as well.

best southwest vibe

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These drink coasters are made from wool and bring a southwestern vibe to your next get together. They’re handwoven on foot looms in Mexico.

best materials

These coasters are made from recycled cork and upcycled sandal soles, giving them a vibrant multi-colored look.