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A True Collector’s Piece As American As Whiskey

* Special edition, limited-run copper flask 
* Entirely handmade from solid copper
* Made in the USA and named for Revolutionary War hero, Ethan Allen

A flask worthy of carrying your finest whiskeys, the Ethan Allen Edition Flask is a handmade copper vessel that’s fit for both antique buffs and casual drinkers alike. While the average flask was created to be concealed, this handcrafted, vintage-inspired piece was born to stand out and be shown to the world.

Boasting a refined yet rugged design, the flask was named after Ethan Allen, a patriot known for his capture of Fort Ticonderoga during the American Revolutionary War. Ethan Allen was also one of the founders of Vermont.

Carefully constructed from pure solid copper, the flask features a detachable copper chain (great for not losing the cap in your more delicate moments), a hand-dyed leather case and strap, and two Old West shot glasses in a front facing pocket – ideal for enjoying a shot with your partner in crime.

A true collector’s piece, the flask is entirely handmade in the USA by the skilled craftsman at Jacob Bromwell, and the production process reflects the same steps used in traditional productions of copper products. Each piece is soldered – not welded – for added authenticity.

The Ethan Allen Flask was made in extremely limited quantities, meaning you’ll own a vessel few others possess. Copper doesn’t rust but rather oxidizes over time, so you’ll have a beautiful rich patina on the flask the more you use it… which, we suggest, should be often.

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