These Ingenious $12 Organizers Mean Never Untangling Cords or Cables Ever Again

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We can all agree that there’s nothing more frustrating than a drawer full of tangled cords or cables. Extension cords, charging cables, HDMI cables, you name it — all just jumbled in such a mess that you can’t even find what you’re looking for when you need it.

If you’re looking to finally get organized and take control of the calamity you’ve created in that storage bin, junk drawer, closet, or cabinet, we’ve got a solution for you: Wrap-It Storage Straps. Wrap-It even makes heavy-duty is storage straps that can help you keep your entire garage 100% clutter-free.

Wrapt-It Storage Straps help you organize cords, cables, ropes, and hoses of various sizes, and they’ve got solutions for just about every situation. Need more oversized straps that can hang and store cables and cords in your garage or basement? They’ve got a heavy-duty solution for that. Looking for something to hold smaller phone chargers and cables? They’ve got the perfect cable ties for that. Want to store and organize cables neatly in your drawers? They’ve even got straps with write-on tabs so you can label exactly what each is for. Genius, right?

Wrap It Cable Organizers Courtesy of Amazon

To help you get your cable organizing underway, we’ve rounded up five of our favorite straps from Wrap-It Storage. With this list, you’re sure to find all you need to get your cord and cable situation under control — and at less than $16, you can do it without breaking the bank.


1. Wrap-It Storage Hook and Loop Cinch-Straps, 16-Pack

Talk about organization! This 16-pack of hook and loop cinch straps will allow you to wrap your cables and wires neatly with ease. They’re made of durable nylon and feature a metal buckle along with strong velcro that will secure cables neatly. This assorted pack offers four different sizes to suit your needs, a great alternative to zip ties. Each features a write-on label for easy identification and use.

Wrap-It Storage Hook and Loop Cinch-Straps (Assorted 16 Pack) Courtesy of Amazon


2. Wrap-It Storage Heavy-Duty Straps, 6-Pack

These heavy-duty Wrap-It Storage Straps will undoubtedly do the trick when it comes to storage in the garage, shed, RV, or boat. Made of weatherproof polypropylene, these straps feature an industrial strength hook and loop and hold up to 50 pounds. Offered in a set of six in three different sizes, each features a rust-resistant metal grommet for easy hanging. 

Heavy-Duty Wrap-It Storage Straps (Assorted 6 Pack) Courtesy of Amazon


3. Wrapt-It Storage Self-Gripping Cable Ties, 30-Pack

Messy phone chargers and cables won’t stand a chance with these self-gripping cable ties around. Sold in a pack of 30, they’ll help you instantly get things organized in your home or office. They’re made of durable nylon that’s reusable and made for either indoor or outdoor organization. Use them for charging cords, appliance cords, electrical equipment, and more. Designed to stay attached to the cable when it’s not wrapped up, you’ll also be able to keep track of these self-gripping ties at all times.


Wrapt-It Storage Straps Courtesy of Amazon


4. Wrap-It Storage Stretch Straps, 4-Pack

You’ll definitely want to get into these super-stretch storage straps for your next home organization project. Great for wrapping up cords, hoses, rope, and more, they feature an elastic hook and loop so you can wrap and bundle securely. This design was created for indoor and outdoor use, so they’re easy to use in any situation.

Wrap-It Storage Self-Gripping Cable Ties Courtesy of Amazon


5. Wrap-It Storage Easy-Carry Straps, 2-Pack

Looking for something that helps you work and stay organized around the house, garage, yard, boat, or RV? This two-pack of easy-carry storage straps is just the thing you need. Made with durable, weather-resistant polypropylene and nylon, they can effortlessly hold up to 50 pounds of weight. Use them to bundle, wrap and store pool hoses, cables, cords, electrical wires, rope, and more, then use the handle to hang and carry your supplies as needed.

Easy-Carry Wrap-It Storage Straps Courtesy of Amazon


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