We Found a Wireless Snow Blower That Will Clear Out Ice and Snow Without Ever Needing To Be Plugged In

cordless electric snow blower
Image courtesy of Amazon

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PROS: Cord-free, electric snow clearing saves you time, energy and a bad back
CONS: The battery still needs charging when it runs out of juice
TAKEAWAY: This is an easy way to replace back-breaking snow shoveling every winter

Waking up to a snow-filled driveway usually evokes a negative response from the member of the household responsible for clearing it, especially when the job involves nothing more than a snow shovel and a significant amount of physical exertion. While a few snowfalls over the course of the year may be no problem, the idea of clearing snow manually is nearly unthinkable for people who live in areas that see significant snow throughout the year. Hence the invention of the snow blower.

By adding one of these efficient snow-launching machines into your arsenal, clearing your driveway becomes as easy as turning on a machine and gently pushing it around.

cordless electric snow blower Image courtesy of Amazon

Most snow blower models require gasoline, which you may not have on hand for a surprise snowfall, or plugging into wall sockets, which limits the distance the machines can reach. However, the Greenworks PRO Cordless Snow Thrower  runs on rechargeable batteries, allowing you to reach far away areas and even use it during snow emergencies in which gasoline isn’t readily available.

Some people believe only gas-powered snow blowers can provide the power required for the job, but customers have mentioned the Greenworks Pro “performs as well as any corded electric single-stage.” The internal 80V Li-ion system provides up to 45 minutes of running time from the 2.0 Ah battery before you’ll need to simply recharge the battery using the included charger.

cordless electric snow blower Image courtesy of Amazon

Furthermore, the snow-clearing technology is brushless to deliver a maintenance-free operation, which is also surprisingly quiet. There’s also a 180-degree rotating chute to ensure your snow is “blowing” in exactly the direction you want.

This snow blower can also do more than just driveways. You can use the Greenworks Snow Thrower to clear sidewalks, patios, sports fields, playgrounds and other flat, snow-covered surfaces. The design also boasts an easy-to-fold system to make it compact and easy to transport or store when it’s not in use. It’s also important to note that this device can clear snow up to 10 inches in depth.

cordless electric snow blower Image courtesy of Amazon

The battery required to run the snow blower can be used in a whole range of other wireless devices available from Greenworks, too. So when winter’s gone and spring’s on the horizon, you’ll be able to enjoy the same level of cord-free freedom by using their lawn mower, chainsaw and more.

Forget the hours of labour-intensive snow clearing outside in the cold. Instead, enjoy the freedom and time-saving help provided by this versatile snow blower, which delivers on its promise of “No Shoveling, No Pain, No Extension Cords!”


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