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You’ll Never Sip the Same Again With This Stylish Water Bottle and Thermos

* Made from BPA stainless steel
* Incorporates a wider mouth to fit standard-sized ice cubes
* 3-inch tapered bottom fits most standard cup holders

Throw away all your old, grungy, portable water carriers. The Corkcicle Triple Insulated Water Bottle and Thermos is the last beverage holder you will ever need. This stylish, yet durable water bottle and canteen promises to keep beverages cold for over 25 hours and hot for over 12 hours.

Jam-packed with features, the creators of this canteen left no stone unturned when making this innovative bottle. With its food-grade, stainless steel interior lining, taste does not get affected or retained. It’s also easy to clean, making it a cinch to switch between ice water and coffee to even more delicately flavored beverages such as wine. It features an industry-leading three layers of insulation, which eliminates condensation from cold drinks and protects the hands from the hot ones, while providing the thermal retention of much larger thermoses.

Once you have filled your canteen with your beverage of choice, feel free to go mountain climbing, site-seeing, beach hopping or even just staying at home, as you will never have to worry about leakage with its threaded screw top. If you happen to drop the canteen, its quality stainless steel construction won’t shatter or break. Available in over 20 color options and 4 size ranges, you will never be wanting for another beverage holder.

Launched in 2011, Corkcicle is guided by two principles – elegant design and innovation. The brand encompasses a full range of products focused on improving the beverage experience by maintaining an optimal drinking temperature. Corkcicle’s products are stylish and sleek and will please any beverage aficionado.

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