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Get an Intro to Computer Programming for Under $50

* Accessible introduction course
* Overview of computer science principles
* Learn to write a program

In this intro to programming ($49) course from Coursera you can get an excellent overview of the principles of computer science, learn to think like a programmer and gain experience using Scratch, a simple and elegant visual programming language.

Coursera’s intro to programming course is one of the best-reviewed courses of its kind online. The course is taught by Inés Friss de Kereki, PhD of the Universidad ORT’s Engineering School, and Areti Manataki of the School of Informatics.

Presented by The University of Edinburgh and Universidad ORT Uruguay, this online course is a 15-20 hour commitment and covers the basics of programming, computer science and coding in a way that is suitable for beginners.

The course is taught in English and offers the opportunity to connect with your peers and exchange help and ideas. This also helps with motivation and, crucially for an online course, this intro to programming offers plenty of opportunity for affirmation, with certificate and peer review as well as graded assignments.

So if you’ve been wanting to update your computer literacy and get a window into the fascinating field of computer science, this Coursera intro to programming course gives you some highly detailed assignments, great information and some accountability as well.

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