Crafting With Cat Hair: The Book Critics Are Calling “Purr-fect”

crafting with cat hair
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Don’t throw away your old cat hair – use it to make crafts.
* Make anything from finger puppets to hats and mittens
* The crafts are eco-friendly and cat friendly

While most people view cat hair has nothing but a nuisance, author Kaori Tsutaya has come up with creative ways on how to turn those hairballs into handicrafts. It’s all detailed in her book, “Crafting with Cat Hair: Cute Handicrafts to Make with Your Cat.”

Tsutaya’s premise: by recycling old cat hair instead of throwing it away, you can discover eco-friendly ways to craft and clean up.

First, she instructs readers on the best way to collect the hair: gently brush your cat, remove the hair from the brush, and store it in a clean container — Tsutaya recommends seaweed or cookie tins. Take the hair out when you’re ready to start your art project. The book’s suggested crafts include anything from cute little finger puppets, to mittens, gloves, hats, picture frames and coin purses.

crafting with cat hair Image courtesy of Amazon

Most projects can be completed in under an hour, with no harm to your favorite feline friend. Furthermore, they make great gifts- something handmade from the heart, using a material most people wouldn’t think of. You can even make a toy for your cat to show your appreciation.

Critics love the book’s unconventional and fun craft ideas, with the Los Angeles Times saying, “There’s no other word for this book except: purrfect.”

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