Stop Writing Boring Checks: The 10 Craziest Check Designs You Can Order

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Whether it’s for something you really want — like a new car — or something you really need — like hot water — no one likes paying bills. Put the fun back into banking with novelty checks from Checks SuperStore.

Whereas checks used to come in staid, generic bundles from the bank, you can now order novelty designs online and customize them to your liking. A box of 125 single checks costs only $8.99, while duplicates will run you $9.99 for a box of 100. Here are ten of the best designs we found.

1. Star Wars 40th Anniversary Checks

Star Wars™ 40th Anniversary Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

40 years ago, in a galaxy right here, one of the largest SciFi series ever became a household name around the word. Mark the occasion with these commemorative checks.


2. Beauty and the Beast Checks

Beauty and the Beast Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

The live action remake of the Disney feature is the blockbuster of the year. Celebrate the original every time you pay a bill with checks featuring graphics from the animated classic.


3. Guardians of the Galaxy Checks

Guardians of the Galaxy Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

Guardians of the Galaxy is one of the hottest films of the summer. Now you can guard against delinquent accounts when you write checks featuring this ragtag bunch of superheroes.


4. Ready to Wear Checks

Ready To Wear Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

Intended for the true shopaholic, these checks are decorated with fashion illustrations of dresses, shoes and hatboxes. It’s like your closet spilled into your wallet.


5. Pigs Checks

rachaelhale® Pigs Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

You’ll never eat bacon again once you start writing these checks, which feature adorable piggies dressed up in tiaras and bonnets, or cuddling in a blanket. That’s a real blanket–not a pancake.


6. The Muppets Checks

The Muppets Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

Jim Henson’s beloved Muppets come to life everytime you pay out using one of these checks, which feature not only Kermit the Frog, but also Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Fozzie Bear, Animal, Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Waldorf and Statler.


7. Cute Shoes Checks

Cute Shoes Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

If Carrie Bradshaw could balance a checkbook, these are the checks she’d write. Each one features an illustrated pump in the logo section.


8. Nightmare Before Christmas Checks

Nightmare Before Christmas Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

It’s Halloween everyday when you pay using these spooky checks, printed with images from the classic Tim Burton film.


9. Betty Boop Checks

Betty Boop Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

Who says there’s ageism in Hollywood? Betty Boop made her silver screen debut in 1930; 87 years later she still looks great. She’s also still working, as evidenced by these checks.


10. Preppy Plaid Checks

Preppy Plaid Checks Image courtesy of Checks SuperStore

Do you prefer gingham or tartan? What about tattersall? With these vibrantly colored plaid print checks, you never have to decide.

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