Freaky Feet: The 10 Craziest Slippers for Sci-Fi Fans

Light-up pokémon pikachu slippers

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* Stay cozy with these zany sci-fi slippers
* Collect the Pikachu house slippers or find some Firefly-inspired Serenity for your feet
* Or use the force of Yoda and Darth Vader to keep your feet warm too

The great thing about house slippers is that they’re subject to perhaps the loosest rules of any article of clothing: after all, you wear them around the house so your feet can be cozy, why not get weird with it?

Here are ten of the craziest sci-fi, fantasy and gaming-inspired slippers, so you nerds can show your true colors when it comes time to slip into something more comfortable. No one can judge you. Well, only your S/O, your roommates, maybe your pets, and possibly your smart home assistant.

1. Darth Vader Slippers

One of the less-heralded perks of being a true Sith lord is that you get to wear slippers all the time. Because when people see what happens when your admiral fails you for the last time… well, let’s just say no one says much about your footwear. Even if you’re just sort of flirting with the Dark Side, you can wear these awesome Vader-head slippers at home. Dogs, however, may not fear the darkness.

darth_vader_slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


2. Harry Potter Hogwarts Slippers

Enjoy the magic of cozy feet with these comfy slippers bearing the heraldic Hogwarts crest. Perfect for the dorms at any school of witchcraft and wizardry. Hufflepuffs might especially appreciate the non-slip dots on the soles.

hogwarts slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


3. Batman Slippers

These slip-on sock slippers are inspired by the Dark Knight of Gotham City, and help banish chilly toes when you’re wandering around at home in the dead of night or the early morning.

batman slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


4. Doctor Who K-9 Dog Slippers

These Doctor Who K-9 Dog Slippers are an adorable, officially-licensed way to relax and get cozy with TV’s favorite robotic helper.

doctor who dog slippers Courtesy Amazon


5. Zombie Slippers

These ThinkGeek original Zombie slippers are perfect for when you’re shambling around your house in the zombielike state of one who has not yet had their morning coffee.

Zombie slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


6. Yoda Slippers

Make your feet cozy, these Yoda slippers will.

yoda slippers Courtesy Amazon


7. Pokémon Light-Up Pikachu Slippers

A ThinkGeek original creation, these Pokémon light up slippers are super effective at being comfortable.

Pikachu Slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


8. Knit Wonder Woman Booties

These blue and red knit Wonder Woman booties feature a comfortable faux-fur lining and the Wonder Woman logo inset into a cool alpine pattern. They feature non-slip soles, too.

wonder woman knit_bootie_slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek


9. Firefly Serenity Slippers

If your relaxation time most days is as tragically brief as Joss Whedon’s fan-favorite mid-2000s sci-fi space western , these oversized plush slippers at least offer your feet some much-needed, Serenity.

Firefly serenity slippers Courtesy Amazon


10. Labyrinth Ello Worm Slippers

These Ello Worm Slippers from Labrynth are an adorable tribute to Jim Henson’s beloved, star-studded fantasy film .

labyrinth_ello_worm_slippers Courtesy ThinkGeek

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