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10 Crazy Calendars That Actually Exist

* Start the new year by picking up a wall calendar
* Use it at home, on your fridge, at the office or at school
* Year-long lunacy

It’s a new year. Have you updated your calendar? If not, here are 10 crazy options to entertain you for the next 365+ days.

1. Space Cats 2018: 16 Month Calendar

What’s not to love about Space Cats? These furry felines hurdle through space at approximately 10 laughs per day.


2. Hot Guys and Baby Animals 2018 Wall Calendar

Would you rather spend your year looking at hunky male models or sweet, fuzzy pets? Well, you don’t have to choose with this eye-catching calendar.


3. Goats in Trees 2018 Monthly Wall Calendar

Goats are only second to cats when it comes to endless and adorable sources of entertainment. This calendar proves that goats come in second on the cuteness scale.


4. Hot Dudes Reading 2018 Wall Calendar

Good books meet good looks in this hot-blooded calendar from the popular Instagram account. Hot Dudes Reading 2018 Wall Calendar will have you not reading your TPS reports.

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5. Nuns Having Fun Wall Calendar 2018 

Sisters are doing it for themselves on the Nuns Having Fun 2018 Wall Calendar. This kooky calendar is proof that they do some playing when they’re not praying.



6. 2018 Catcation: Cats in the Caribbean with Cocktails Wall Calendar

If you’re the type who has considered taking the cat along with you on vacation, you probably owe it to yourself to get the 2018 Catcation: Cats in the Caribbean with Cocktails Wall Calendar. It features 13 full-color images of cats kicking back.


7. Tortoise in a Sweater 2018: 16-Month Calendar

This calendar is shows that tortoises look even better in sweaters. Not only do they look dashing, but they’re easier to identify in a crowd.


8. 2018 Bearobics Wall Calendar

Add some fun to your exercise regimen with the 2018 Bearobics Wall Calendar. It boasts bears doing their best fitness poses and decked out in sports gear. It’s sure to keep you smiling all through the year.


9. 2018 Faux-Spirational by Shoebox Wall Calendar 

It may look like a classic, words of wisdom calendar, but, the 2018 Faux-Spirational by Shoebox Wall Calendar is actually filled with words of weirdness that probably better convey how you truly feel.


10. Audubon Birds Gone Wild Calendar 2018

Good times take flight in the Audobon Birds Gone Wild 2018 Calendar. It’s filled with wacky full-color photographs of surly, snobby, and manic birds along with witty captions.