10 WTF Items You Secretly Want to Own

Weird But Useful Items: Sock Organizers,
Image courtesy of The Grommet
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* Ten items you never knew you wanted
* Useful inventions and wacky products
* Stair skateboards, sock laundry organizers, and more

There’s some wacky items that you’d never think to search for, but when you see it, you have to have it. We found a site called The Grommet that showcases these kinds of clever inventions and silly products, such as sock laundry organizers and stair-capable skateboards. After looking through their offerings, we rounded up ten of the weirdest (but almost necessary) items you’ll want to buy right away.

1. Sock Laundry Organizer

Washing machines eat up socks without explanation. This ingenious sock laundry organizer thwarts your washing machines magic powers by keeping socks paired together in the wash. It also saves time when folding (no digging through your drawer for the matching sock), and it only costs $15 for a pack of two.

Sock Laundry Organizer Image courtesy of The Grommet

Sock Laundry Organizer



2. Vegetable Spiralizer Jar

Shredded veggies can seriously up your cooking game. This spiralizer jar perfectly shreds carrots, beets, zucchinis, and more for salads, pastas, or an easy mixed-veggie snack.

Vegetable Shredder Jar Image courtesy of The Grommet

Vegetable Spiralizer Jar



3. Cleaning Compound Kit

Although this ball of putty might look like a kid’s toy, it’s actually an effective germ-eliminating cleaning device. It can squeeze into tough-to-clean spaces like keyboards, AC vents, and other electronics to kill germs and clean grime.

Keyboard Cleaner Putty Image courtesy of The Grommet

Cleaning Compound Kit



4. UV Shoe Dryer & Sanitizer

Even heavy duty winter boots can get soaked and ruined by weather. Laying wet shoes by the heater has always been the go-to solution, but now there’s an even better fix: these UV shoe dryers. They dry out wet shoes in 4 hours or less, sanitize the shoe, and eliminate stinky odors.

Shoe Dryer Inserts Image courtesy of The Grommet

UV Shoe Dryer & Sanitizer



5. Mini Beer Pong Travel Set

Let’s be honest: busting out a spontaneous game of beer pong sounds like fun, even if you’re not in college anymore. This collapsible beer pong travel set allows you to play a quick game anywhere, and also prevents lost equipment with tethered ping pong balls.

Mini Beer Pong Travel Set Image courtesy of The Grommet

Mini Beer Pong Travel Set



6. Wearable Mobile Device Stand

Brands have been trying to engineer the perfect device stand for years now, and this one gets pretty close. It hangs comfortably around your neck for a hands-free experience, and has a flexible construction so you can place it on surfaces as well.

iPad Stand Wearable Image courtesy of The Grommet

Wearable Mobile Device Stand



7. Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

Getting a bidet in your home doesn’t have to mean buying a whole new toilet. This easy-to-install non-electric toilet attachment provides the same cleaning experience of a full-sized bidet, and it only costs $50.

Bidet Install Toilet Accessory Image courtesy of The Grommet

Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment



8. Adult Active Sitting Stool

This stool certainly doesn’t look like a typical office chair, but the unique design actually helps circulation, breathing, and promotes better alertness while you’re working. It also comes in a handful of fun colors that spice up your office space, and won’t roll away like a stability ball.

Ergonomic Office Stool Blue Image courtesy of The Grommet

Adult Active Sitting Stool



9. Professor Einstein Interactive Robot

Have you ever thought, “I wish I had a tiny robot Albert Einstein!” Probably not, but after seeing this product, you’ll probably want one. This little Einstein robot connects to your smart device to teach lessons, answer big questions, and adminster quizzes – all with Einstein’s famous charisma. It’s a fun way for kids (or adults) to learn new stuff, and (sort of) make friends with one of the smartest people ever.

Albert Einstein Doll Robot Image courtesy of The Grommet

Professor Einstein Interactive Robot



10. Stair Traversing Urban Longboard

Stairs and longboards have been arch-nemesis’ forever, but now they can coexist in harmony thanks to this stair traversing urban longboard. It uses a unique shock-absorbing, eight wheel design that allows you to glide down stairs and curbs without a problem.

Longboard on Stairs Image courtesy of The Grommet

Stair Traversing Urban Longboard