Looney Lumens: The 10 Craziest Lamps for Geeks

Game of Thrones Lamp
Image courtesy of ThinkGeek

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* Lighting inspired by sci-fi and video games
* Desk lamps, floor lamps, and pendant lights
* Illuminate with your nerdy side

 Why illuminate your home with plain, ordinary lamps when you can fill it with fantastic lighting options inspired by sci-fi movies and video games? Here are 10 geeky options for livening up your living quarters with out-of-the-box lamps.

1. Star Trek Glitter Lamp

It’s easy to lose yourself while gazing at this Star Trek Glitter Lamp. This “galaxy in a can” feels like you’re looking into a glittering starfield rather than a table lamp. The base displays the enterprise from Star Trek: The Next Generation and the unique design references the retro-futuristic aesthetic of the show.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


2. Geosphere Puzzle Lamp

Looking for more than just pulling a chain when you need to turn on a lamp? Check out the White Geosphere Puzzle Lamp Kit. It features 30 pieces of flexible, reusable white plastic you can assemble into more than 12 different shapes and styles. Another geek perk? It turns on and off with a wireless remote control.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


3. Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp

You know that side portal in the game where Pac-Man disappears? It leads to your living room. This Pac-Man USB Ghost Lamp has arrived to accessorize your home, adding an arcade appeal. It has two modes. “On” mode allows it to switch between 16 different colors, while “party” mode uses sound-activation technology to make it change colors to the beat of music.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


4. Minecraft Light-Up Torch

The Minecraft Light-Up Torch helps you illuminate even the darkest chasms, including your bedroom. Even better, it mounts to your wall to become a handy room lamp that may or may not keep zombies away.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


5. LED Potion Desk Lamp

This LED Potion Desk Lamp allows you to cast light into the darkest spaces. Each time you turn off the lamp, it changes colors. You can even set it to fade slowly between colors for an even groovier lighting experience.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


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6. Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp

Now you can play Tetris in real life with this Stackable LED Desk Lamp. These seven interlocking blocks light up when they’re stacked together. Want to turn off the light? Simply disassemble it.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


7. Death Star Desk Lamp

The best way to battle the Dark Side is with some light. But this Death Star Desk Lamp goes above and beyond and brings you colorful LED light direct from the Dark Side’s iconic space station. Plus, these LEDs last longer than the actual Death Star, burning for 60,000 hours, or nearly 7 years of continual operation.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


8. Star Trek Enterprise Table Lamp

Whether you’re just a casual fan or the person who has every piece of licensed merchandise, this Star Trek Enterprise Table Lamp is just downright neat. The Star Trek command insignia makes a weighty supportive base.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


9. Game of Thrones LED Stark Crest Lamp

Light up your castle with the Game of Thrones Stark Crest. This lamp has a subtle, sophisticated look that features the iconic direwolf sigil of House Stark suspended inside a circular metal frame with an embedded LED light. It’s eye-catching, impressive, and a clear reminder Winter is Coming.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek


10. Star Wars Floor Standing Lightsaber Lamp

You knew the first time you ever saw the movie that you needed a Star Wars lightsaber of your own. Now, you can have one that also offer practical functionality too. The red LEDs and you have Darth Vader’s signature saber. Flip on all three separate red LEDs and now you’re ready to rock it Kylo Ren style.

geek lamp Image Courtesy of Think Geek

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