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Bizarre Billfolds: The 11 Craziest Wallets for Your Funny Money

* Unique, interesting and weird designs from pets to patriotic
* Billfolds that will never bore, while holding up to your everyday carry
* Affordable options from $5.49 – $39.99

We know you’re all about making that long green. And, who doesn’t like to have some fun with their funds? Here are 11 bold and bizarre billfolds to hold your cash before it burns a hole in your pocket…

1. The Bacon Wallet

You’ve probably heard about wrapping scallops or filet or…well, just about everything in bacon. Why not a wallet? This faux leather billfold design features six card pockets and a cash sleeve. After all, in this bacon-obsessed world, why not bring home the bacon in a bacon wallet?

[caption id="attachment_65072" align="aligncenter" width="440"]crazy wallet Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


2. Banana Purse Coin Wallet

Fresh fruit always has a treat hiding inside (read: seeds, a core). But, the Wed2BB Special Banana Purse has money wrapped within its bright yellow, silicone body. Even better, it holds pens, pencils, coins, even keys…all of which are zipped in tight.


3. Puppy Face Wallet

Spending money isn’t always fun. But, you’ll smile every time you pull out this cute Puppy Face Wallet. It’s made from a high quality polyester, cotton and plush cloth blend that features this puppy’s adorable mug across the surface. Holds more than just money. And, you can choose your favorite pooch, too.


4. Fish Shape Pencil Case Coin Purse

Perhaps you’re the type this weird Fish Shape Creative Pencil Case Coin Purse has been looking for. It gives you all the aesthetic pleasures of a fish, but without the fishy smell. And, it holds all your goodies inside.

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5. U.S. Dollar Leather Wallet

Even if you’re short on cash, you’ll look loaded with this U.S. Dollar Leather Wallet. It has a slim profile that won’t feel bulky in your back pocket. And, it holds cash, coins, IDs and more. Don’t worry about over-filling it because the reinforced seams help hold everything in.


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6. Pizza Pocket Zip Coin Purse

Stuffed pizza is a big deal these days. But, DCI’s Yummy Pizza Pocket Zip Coin Purse is an even bigger deal because it can be stuffed with all your necessary accessories such as phones, lip gloss, coins, cards and cosmetics.


7. Leather Long Zipper Pineapple Print Clutch

Brilliant pop art unfolds before your eyes with this Kukoo Women’s Leather Long Zipper Pineapple Print Clutch. It’s what you want for music festivals, nights out partying and travel because it holds everything you need from cash to cards. It’s even large enough to hold your phone.

[caption id="attachment_65078" align="aligncenter" width="459"]crazy wallet Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


8. American Flag Wallet

It’s easy to show off your patriotic pride with Dynomighty’s Men’s Flag Mighty Wallet. This super-thin bifold wallet features a stitchless design made from a single-folded micro fiber material that’s tear and water resistant.


9. Magic Flaming Fire Wallet

The KKTECH Magic Flaming Fire Wallet will dazzle ‘em every time you go to pay. That’s because a flame flies out each time you open it. And, it gets extinguished when you close it. You’ll have their jaws dropping faster than you drop your payment on the counter.

[caption id="attachment_65081" align="aligncenter" width="485"]crazy wallet Image Courtesy of Amazon[/caption]


10. Betsey Johnson Crossbody Wallet

Betsey Johnson is know for her fun, flirty designs. And, her Crossbody Wallet on a String Bag positively purrs with pleasure. It’s made of faux leather, features a zip around closure, and plenty of character.


11. Titanic Cats Wallet

It had to happen one day. Cats + Titanic = the amazing Café Press Titanic Cats Wallet. It features a pair of cats recreating the famous pose from the

across 100% top grain leather. It is truly a wallet like no other.

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