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How To Create Your Own Letterhead (And Why You Should)

* Meet MOO Designs, a company making great design accessible to all
* Create and customize a letterhead for personal or business use
* Give your printed materials a look that reflects your personality

While shooting off a quick text or email has become the new normal for communication, there’s still nothing like receiving a personal letter on a gorgeous piece of stationery. If anything, our digital lives have made the practice of a handwritten note that much more special. And for business, the polish of a well-designed resume or formality of printed communication adds a hefty dose of gravitas to any meeting. For either purpose, it’s a vital way to convey who you are through the beauty of printed matter.

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Recognizing all of this, design company MOO has infused a new sophistication into an old medium with an online catalog of pre-designed letterheads, design templates, and printing services.

If you don’t have your own designer on hand, go with one of almost 100 pre-designed options that can be tweaked with color, placement or font size to fit your style. For those with a specific vision in mind, there’s an easy “select-and-drop” template to create your own semi-bespoke letterhead.

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And if you have already started collaborating with your own designer, MOO’s printing services are quick and efficient, with paper stock choices and turnaround times that will impress with breadth and speed. Choose your quantity too, to make sure you always have personalized paper on hand.

Our suggestion: create your own personal paper to use for resumes and job applications, and really stand out from the other candidates. Or, use it for thank you notes, invites, or notes of encouragement to friends and co-workers.

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If you have a company (or are a freelancer), personalized letterhead gives off a professional vibe that a simple lined notepad can’t. It’s also a great way to have all your business info (contact number, email, etc.) on one page.

Of course, you can always use the letterhead for that lost art of letter writing too. Wouldn’t it be nice to bring that back?

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