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Flower Vase or Candle Holder? How About Both?

* Diamond-inspired design
* Versatile vase that doubles as a candle holder
* Lightweight and compact

If you’re in the market for an elevated vase that boasts style, refinement and functionality, look no further than the Crystal Vase from Global Views. It’s a captivating and compact vase that offers a minimalist meets art-deco aesthetic.

With its diamond-inspired design, you’ll love the vase’s clear, dimensional structure. Every edge and curve was constructed so the light will glisten with luxurious detail in every angle. Your fresh floral bouquets will shine with exquisite style housed in this one-of-a-kind crystal clear vase.

Measuring at 4 3/4″ wide​​ and 3″ deep, you can arrange mini floral arrangements or single flowers to enhance the mood and liven up your living space. At just 6 lbs., its compact size allows you to put this vase just about anywhere – your living room, office, kitchen or bathroom – for that instant pop of color and botanical touch.

Don’t have any flowers around? The unique vase also doubles as a candle holder — simply add a candle of your choice and enjoy the warmth of the light. It can also be used as a radiant tabletop arrangement or a pen and pencil holder should you ever need a chic place to stash your stationery.

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