The Miracle Cube Timer is a Simpler Way to Keep Track of the Time

cube timer Datexx the miracle
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* Inventive cube timer with up to 60 minutes of continuous timing
* Operated by physically turning the cube onto the duration you want
* Ideal for cooking, meetings, working out and napping

Forget the fiddly buttons and dials of your standard timing device. The Miracle Cube Timer provides the easiest and most convenient way to control your countdown. This smart timer is great for most timed events — from working out, to monitoring cooking times.

Sporting a simple cube design, the Miracle Cube Timer may just appear to be an oversized die. However, you will find five numbered faces, all of which include a zero, or, depending on your chosen model, four time durations, ranging from one minute to 60 minutes. On the sixth side is a detailed digital countdown to show your time remaining if you wish to see.

To use the timer, all you have to do is simply turn the cube so your desired duration is facing up. This starts the timer, which will then count down to zero, setting off an alarm when the time is complete. To stop the alarm and reset the time, you just need to turn the cube so that the zero side faces up.

With its simple operation mechanism, the Miracle Cube Timer is ideal for managing meetings, keeping tabs on nap-time, setting your meditation routine, or staying strict with a study schedule.

cube timer Datexx the miracle

The Miracle Cube Timer is available in five different colors (white, blue, green, yellow and purple). Each of the colors offers a different combination of countdown times. It’s a good idea to have a couple different cubes at your disposal.

Featuring a friendly size (just 2.4″) and simple functionality, the Miracle Cube Timer is a great way to keep track of your time commitments. Whether you’re hitting the gym or cooking up a masterpiece in the kitchen, this simple timer has your timing needs covered.

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