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This Power Extender Solves One Of the Most Annoying Problems I Have Working at My Desk

A clean desk is about more than just aesthetic appeal; it can actually improve your productivity. Your stress level can actually go up due to desktop clutter, and small annoyances throughout the workday impede your performance and can make it more difficult to get things done. The good news is that you can take steps to reduce clutter, and you can do it for $27 less for a short time.

The Jgstkcity Desktop Power Grommet provides recessed power access on your desk. It sits nearly flush against the surface while still giving you access to two AC outlets and three USB outlets. Best of all, it’s only $25 on Amazon right now.

tabletop grommet power strip


What Makes The Jgstkcity Desktop Power Grommet a Great Deal

  • Originally $52, now only $25
  • 52% off its original price
  • Instant savings of $27
  • Free shipping for Prime members

What We Love About This Desktop Power Grommet

Obviously, the main appeal here is that it can be recessed into the desk to fit flush with the surface. Not only does it look better than a power strip or some other device taking up space on your desk like it’s Electricity Mountain, but it improves the overall utility of the surface. For example, you don’t have to clear everything off to lay out a large document.

The two AC ports and three USB ports provide plenty of power for everything from laptops to phones. One port is USB-C, too.

What’s even better is the ease of installation. Not everyone is handy with power tools, so this grommet is designed to fit the cable hole on most desks. Even if it doesn’t fit (or your desk doesn’t have one), you can easily screw the grommet down and then cut a section out in the center, using the grommet ring as a guide.

It has a maximum wattage output of 1,500W and up to 12 Amps. The USB-A output is 5V/2A total, while the USB-C output is 5V/3A. These specs meet the majority of USB-charged devices.

The power cord is six feet long, giving you plenty of maneuverability to reach an outlet, no matter where your desk might be placed.

Sure, the grommet might not be the fanciest product on Amazon, but it’s a heck of a space saver and can help de-clutter your desk.

Desktop Power Grommet


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