Unique, Handcrafted Circular Fan Is a Breath of Fresh Air

Wood circular fan from Stadler Form
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  • * Artisan-crafted African Sapele wood finish 
  • * 3 fan speeds and adjustable heights
  • * 40-watt motor for strong circulation

In the world of home decor, portable fans have long been objects of compromise. The pretty, aesthetic ones were not powerful enough to really circulate the air in a stuffy room, and the strong ones were well, ugly. The “Otto,” a handsome, chic circular fan from Stadler Form, hopes to change all that.

Finished in a variety of clean, modern looks including this Mahogany-like African Sapele wood, the Otto is an industrial strength 40-watt fan that would look at home in an art gallery or high-end furniture showroom.

Unlike so many box fans at this power level, the Otto, with its Sapele wood fan shroud, actually looks like a piece of decor that also happens to be functional, not a piece of industrial equipment that’s in your living room for some reason.

This circular fan presents a clean minimal appearance, and its durable construction is easy to keep looking fresh, too, thanks to a removable steel grill for easy cleaning.

Handcrafted in a process that takes over 21 hours, these wooden fans add a classic, quality touch to a functional and utilitarian item. The wood itself is rich and warm in tone, sightly brighter than mahogany and with deep umbers in the grain. It works especially well alongside mid-century modern furniture or Scandinavian pieces.

But this genteel fan isn’t all show and no go either. Its 40-watt motor features three speeds with up to 65,000 cubic feet of circulation when placed in a 430-square foot room. In other words, enough to offer some serious cooling in the summer time and really air out an otherwise stuffy room. The motor is deceptively quiet too, so it provides a breeze that’s calming, not distracting. The Otto circular fan is adjustable for angle as well, and thanks to its lightweight wood, steel and aluminum construction, it’s easy to carry around and set up in different parts of the home.

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