This Decorative Aquarium is an H2O Hotel for Aquatic Pets

This Decorative Aquarium is a Modern

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  •  * Clean, modern design 
  •  * Innovative removable plastic shell 
  •  * Stackable and easy-to-clean 

This Teddy Luong-designed decorative aquarium is a unique upgrade for your nano-sized aquatic pets. Designed like a modern condominium, the Umbra FishHotel comes in stackable units for a tall, sleek and aesthetic appearance. Thanks to its unique decor façade, this is an aquarium that lets you include aquatic plants as part of a clean, functional design scheme. With an asymmetrical ABS plastic cover over a removable glass enclosure, the FishHotel’s standard bowl size is about 1.5-gallons per unit.

The FishHotel decorative aquarium is great for aquatic plants, small shrimp and nano-sized tropical fish. It’s easy to house aquatic species either together or separately without ever giving your living room the cluttered, deranged appearance of a suburban tropical fish store.

Instead, the clean lines and thoughtful details of the Umbra FishHotel let your aquarium become part of your home decor. Add a dash of color to your minimalist design space with watery features like aquatic plants, rocks, and even coral. Fish can swim past the windows in the façade and add an interesting element of motion to your overall design scheme.

Super important when it comes to aquariums and pet environments in general, the FishHotel is easy to keep clean as well, thanks to its removable bowl. The cleverly designed outer shell also works to hide components like aerators, heaters, pumps and water filtration canisters, helping your tropical fish or goldfish habitat keep a clean, mysterious appearance.

When stacked together and color matched to the surrounding decor, multiple units of the Umbra FishHotel give your aquarium the appearance of a hidden, watery kingdom existing inside the walls of your home.

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