Porcupine Quills As Luxury Wall Decor

decorative mirror Janice Minor porcupine quill
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* Bring life to any room with this porcupine-inspired mirror
* Central mirror surrounded by hand painted porcupine quills
* Recently featured in Real Simple Magazine

Invigorate your living room with this fabulous porcupine quill-adorned mirror. It’s the perfect piece to liven up any wall in need of a fashion statement. And at 33” in diameter, this mirror is more than capable of taking center stage.

This stunning piece features a circular mirror surrounded by hundreds of quills. Inspired by the porcupine’s unique exterior, each of the prickly quills has been crafted from wood and individually hand-painted. The design features the quills protruding outwards from behind the mirror, drawing your attention inwards to your reflection. With subtlety, the mirror is bordered by a black and yellow border. The restricted color palette and sharp design come together to deliver a statement piece.

Porcupine Quill Mirror


This boutique mirror, which was featured in Real Simple Magazine, is part of the Janice Minor collection and represents everything the brand has become famous for. Drawing inspiration from the designer’s travels, Minor is known for producing modern furniture and home accessories boasting a classic twist, bold design and exotic look – all of which are present in this mirror.

Whether you are looking to add a statement piece to an eclectic house or searching for an exquisite, unique piece to bring life to an aging room, this glamorous porcupine quill mirror will fit the bill.

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