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De-Pill Your Favorite Sweater With This Easy-to-Use Sweater Comb

* Works on delicate knits and fine gauge woolens, including cashmere
* Easy-to-use and maintain
* Removes all those pesky fuzz balls within seconds

Ever wonder how to get rid of those pesky balls of fuzz on your favorite sweater? The answer may surprise you and it doesn’t involve a trip to the dry cleaner. New York’s The Laundress has the perfect solution with the sweater comb.

Before we get into how to get rid of those fuzz balls, it might help to understand what causes pilling in the first place.  The more you wear your favorite sweaters, the more likely they are to pill from all the friction. Also, contrary to what some folks think, washing or dry cleaning has very little to do with the build up of fuzz.

So how do you get rid of them?

You might have heard that using a razor or scissors are your only options but they’re not. The Laundress’s sweater comb is a simple solution to a simple problem. Made from two fine metal mesh screens sandwiched between a cedar wood handle, you just need to comb away the fuzz to rejuvenate any fine gauge sweater. Any bunched up or loose fibers will be swept away while leaving a freshly groomed layer behind.

[caption id="attachment_83035" align="aligncenter" width="342"]The Laundress Sweater comb amazon Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]

At just four inches long, The Laundress Sweater Comb fits comfortably in your hand for easy motion. Also ideal for removing lint and small bits of debris (I.e. crumbs or pebbles), the sweater comb is the wardrobe tool you didn’t know you needed – until now.

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Sweater combs are great for things other than sweaters, too. Take your scarves, sweats or jackets to task and give your clothes and accessories a much needed facelift.

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