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Get This 100-Piece Tool Kit For Just $35

* Tools for most jobs around the house
* Great for first-time homeowners and renters
* Easy storage and organization

It’s common knowledge that if you can take care of repairs and other projects around your house you’ll save a ton of money. But before you start any project you have to have the proper tools to get the job done.  If you’ve spent any time at a home supply store, you know by now that buying tools a la carte is quite expensive. But this DekoPro 100-piece Home Repair Tool Set gives you many of the tools you need to take care of most projects around the house.

This set is great for new homeowners and even first-time apartment renters. That’s because contained within its handy, pre-molded storage case sits everyday tools like an adjustable wrench, measuring tape, and a screwdriver set. They’re all forged from high-quality steel. Take it a step further and you have a rip claw hammer for hanging pictures or pulling off those baseboards so you have an easier time painting them. You also have a utility knife that’s great for scoring boards and cutting carpet.

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There’s a hex key wrench set to tighten your Ikea furniture. There’s a drive socket set, which comes in handy when you’re working on your car or skateboard. You even get PVC insulating tape if you dare to deal with any electrical wiring. Plus, you get a number of screws and hardware accessories. You may find that household repairs aren’t for you. That’s fine. But, you won’t know until you try. At $35 dollars, you can test your mettle with this kit instead of spending too much money on tools you won’t use.


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