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Perfect In A Delicate Situation

* Laundry bags for your delicate items
* The rust-proof zipper means it will last longer
* Available in set of six, featuring both white and black

Laundry. We all do it. But nothing’s worse than when you accidentally get a red sock mixed in with your whites, or your bra wire becomes mangled in the drier. Fret no more.

HOPDAY has engineered premium mesh laundry bags for your delicates, all featuring soft polyester fabric for maximum protection. Available in sets of six, they include four white bags and two black ones, which help darker fabrics from absorbing a light colored tint. Three are medium and three are large, so you can adjust their use based on your washing preferences.

Use these bags to save your clothes from tearing and wearing in the washer and the dryer. There’s nothing worse than your bra getting hooked onto a pair of jeans, for example, or your socks disappearing into the watery abyss. By keeping your items separated, the bags also help to extend the life of lingerie, hosiery, intimates and more.

Each bag features a flap in which you can tuck the zipper under, in order to prevent them from opening in the wash. The zipper itself is also rust-proof, meaning that it can last longer. The material of the bags themselves is also formaldehyde-free, which helps prevent them from developing a smell even after multiple uses.

These HOPDAY bags can also be used as ideal travel organizers — at only 5.6 oz. each, you can compartmentalize your travel without adding extra weight.

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