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Transform Your Couch With This Missoni Throw

* Colorful Missoni throw transforms boring sofa into inviting space
* Iconic zigzag design re-imagined in eye-catching colors
* Wool blend with playful fringe trim

Bring new life to your sofa with this beautiful throw from Missoni, the energetic Italian brand synonymous with bright colors and wild patterns. The “Montgomery” throw is the perfect way to transform your sofa into a piece worthy of any showroom.

The zigzag design and bold colors draw welcome attention to your sofa. The texture ensures a comfortable experience, while fringe trim adds a playful finish. At 51 x 75 inches, it’s large enough to comfortably fit over any standard couch. The throw maintains the stunning quality of the Missoni name with its use of color, intricate patterns and texture. It’s a worthy addition for any room in the house.

Often called the Italian masters of pattern and color, Missoni Home is a family-run company. The interior design firm was started in the 1950s by Rosita Missoni and her husband, Ottavio. The couple quickly established themselves as leaders in bold, colorful design and eye-catching products. The high quality of their early products made an impression, and the family has maintained this standard over the last 60 years. As Missoni Home has grown, it has always remained a family affair. The flair and passion of the company can easily be seen in the bedding products available today, including this Missoni Home throw.

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