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Give Your Agenda Some Style With the Sugar Paper Kate Champagne 2017 Desk Calendar

* Pearly pink calendar with gold lettering
* Comes with matching gold stand
* Created using an antique press

Although our phones can do most of our scheduling these days, having a physical calendar in front of us adds order and calmness to our lives. It’s a satisfying feeling to flip the calendar pages from one month to the next; the small act of removing or tearing off a page can build real feelings of accomplishment. As we strategize the best way to manage our schedules, having a real calendar can also give us perspective on when to make plans.

This desk calendar is printed on pale pink (“champagne” colored) paper with gold foil lettering. Measuring 5″ by 7″, the calendar is just big enough to add a little slice of style to your desk without crowding it.

Founded in 2003, Sugar Paper is a Los Angeles-based stationery manufacturer that practices 15th century letterpress printing methods. Their printers are local and their designs are developed in-house. Every order is fed through their presses one sheet at a time, allowing the company to give deliberate and intensive attention to each product. Add this desk calendar to your office decor now to start the year right. You’ll be glad you did.

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