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Mid-Century Modern Decor: The Adesso Draper Lamp

* Sleek black lamp with mid-century modern-inspired design
* Cone head fully adjustable and features 18.5″ reach
* Ideal for use as desk or bedside reading light

A comfortable level of light output, a fully adjustable head and a modern design give Adesso’s desk lamp everything necessary from a tabletop light. In the office, lounge or bedroom, this attractive light will bend to your will (literally) to make sure you’re never in the dark.

The minimalist gooseneck design allows the lamp to provide a subtle touch of class to any modern interior, while the sturdy base and vented cone head remind you of its function.

The satin steel gooseneck offers you complete control over your lamp with fully adjustable movement, both horizontally and vertically. The neck can stretch up to 18.5 inches. This freedom of movement is ideal for getting the exact angle of lighting you need. To provide as much light as possible, the inside of the lamp hood has been painted white.

Seated on the base of the lamp is a toggle switch, which is used for turning the light on and off. You’ll also find a walnut wood accent on the light shade, which helps soften the stark contemporary look and provide a more versatile piece of decor.

Offering great looks, super functionality and the appearance of a classic mid-century modern piece, the Adesso Gooseneck lamp is a great addition to the modernly decorated home.

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