Sleek And Simple Organizing With the Catchall Stand

desk organizer
Image courtesy of Amazon

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* Modern stand to hold your phone, keys and watch
* Made in Alabama from handcrafted plywood
* Use it to organize your desk or bedside table

Admit it: your desk tends to clutter. No matter how hard you try, or how often you clean, things just seem to pile up. Your phone, your laptop, your keys, your charger, your headphones – they all create a veritable mine field of clutter.

The solution, however, is much simpler than it seems – more storage. Or, more precisely, the right storage. The Catchall Stand is designed to have available slots and space for each item. The handmade shelf is designed to suit most smartphones, both Apple and Android, and has a slot where you can easily thread your charger, without having to unplug your phone.

This makes it a contender for a new bedside addition as well, a place where your valuables can rest neatly beside you. There’s a watch holder for watches and bracelets, a groove designed to hold your pen and a hook to hang your keys on. The Catchall Stand won’t ruin your aesthetic either – it’s made from quality plywood, which is known not only for strength, but for its unique patterning. If it’s a little too bland for your taste, you can easily paint or add on to its smooth, sanded surfaces.

Made by a family-owned company in Alabama, the Catchall can also easily disassemble, so you can bring it with you on your travels and stay organized abroad. Diverse, durable and deliciously simple, it’s organization made easy.

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