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Lived-In Review: Speks Are The Mesmerizing Toys Your Mind Needs

* Speks make desk toys full of rare earth magnets
* They are available in brackets, beams, super magnetic balls and a set of 512 small balls
* Helps you with fidgeting, stress relief and boredom

As a freelancer, I often have a lot going on at work. A million deadlines seemingly loom on my calendar every day, and therefore I’m almost constantly working under some sort of stress. Granted, some days are worse than others, and on those days, I might be liable to throw a pen at the wall or get a little snappy with my coworkers.

That’s why I jumped at the chance to review the desk toys made by Speks. These magnetic toys are marketed as stress relief tools for the modern office worker. Each of the four different toys includes rare earth magnets, allowing you to build structures or snap them together in moments of frustration.

Below, I’ll go through each of the four toys Speks sent to me. Overall, I was really impressed by the quality of the products, and I found them to be extremely effective in allowing me a few moments of play throughout the day. This took my mind off the stress I was experiencing and allowed me to express some creativity that in turn helped me through more than a few moments of writer’s block. I’m happy to say that at least one of these toys will remain on my desk from now on.

1. Speks Blocks Brackets

One of the newest products Speks has developed are these Blocks Brackets. They are super fun to play around with and come in three shades within the same color scheme. Four different colors are available for order. Each block has a soft touch coating and 14 magnets inside, giving you plenty of building possibilities.

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2. Speks Blocks Beams

Very similar to the Blocks Brackets, the Blocks Beams are simply a different shape. Instead of featuring a 90-degree angle, these are straight-across blocks. Personally, I found that it was easier to build things with the beams, but I’m not a super creative architect. However, the best thing for me was to combine both the blocks and the beams to create a few super structures. This would make a great gift for any stressed out office workers you know.

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3. Speks Super Magnetic Balls

Out of all the desk toys Speks sent, these magnetic balls were the ones that I thought I would enjoy the least. The pack comes with five 33 mm magnetic balls and a green or grey magnetic home base. While I wasn’t looking forward to playing with these as much, I found that they looked amazing on my desk. The sleek metal balls are classy in a way the colorful blocks are not. And I found that they could do more than just relieve stress through play. They could also hold paper clips or make an interesting display for my business cards. After further review, these balls might be my favorite of the Speks products for their versatility alone.

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4. Speks Original

The Speks Original desk toy is this set of 512 tiny rare earth magnets. When Speks agreed to send me their blocks for a review, I didn’t expect to get the Speks Original. But I’m so happy I did. These tiny balls gave me hours of play time, and even my adult brain was mesmerized by the shapes the magnets could make. From one long line to spheres and cubes, these magnets are seemingly limitless. Don’t believe me? Just find the video on the Amazon page. You won’t be able to stop watching, I promise.  

It is important to note, however, that these magnets should not be given to children. They measure just 2.5 mm in size and therefore pose a swallowing hazard. These are toys for adults only. If you are looking for something to keep small hands busy, I would suggest purchasing the larger magnetic balls or the blocks.

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