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Retro Meets Modern In This Perpetual Calendar

* Sleek desktop calendar inspired by retro iconography
* Two magnets slide to tell the date
* Perpetual calendar will last year after year

Gone are the days of flipping up your calendar pages to reveal the new month. Also gone are calendar photos of glamorously posed pets and clichéd floral arrangements. Today, we have more modern options that offer function and an eye-pleasing aesthetic. UK-based creative studio Block offers a more convenient approach to planning, with a sleek design to help you stay organized and keep track of your schedule.

The Block Perpetual Calendar is inspired by retro design iconography using color, shape, and typography — Those elements culminate in a sleek calendar that resembles one part Rubix cube and one part Snellen chart. This desk calendar is a great option for design lovers seeking to add an unique touch to their desk at the office or at home.

Tara Ashe founded Block in 2000 with a goal of bringing color and sophistication to office and home with a minimalist approach to design. The brand contends their goal is to offer consumer products that while functional, are also pleasant to look at. Let’s face it, maintaining our daily schedules can be stressful. Why not jot down dates and appointments on a visually pleasing product that will lift your spirits every time you use it?

The Perpetual Calendar uses a single piece of metal, laser cut with two colorful magnets that slide along the various days or months. This magnetic motion gives the calendar a novel charm, providing a rather gratifying ritual to using it. Block’s commitment to promoting “life in color” is materialized in their products, and the perpetual calendar visualizes their idea that scheduling appointments and tasks don’t have to be mundane and routine.

The clever design of this calendar sticks to palettes with bright, vivid colors and strong shapes and typographic wording, making the activity of filling it in all the more pleasant. Bringing you playful yet practical decor, the Block Perpetual Calendar breathes new life into a mundane product.

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