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Enjoy Your Morning Paper Again With These Desktop Magnifiers

Designed for practical use, desktop magnifiers can be used by kids, students, professionals and can even be considered an assistive device for anyone with low vision and/or macular degeneration.

With their simple-to-use design and affordability, these devices are the perfect companion to help you enjoy your morning paper, read a great book or magazine, complete intricate arts and crafts projects and much, much more.

Continue reading below to see our picks for some of the best desktop magnifiers available right now. Our choices are all versatile and come complete with powerful glass lenses that magnify up to 10x, allowing you to enjoy and magnify even the smallest of details. These magnifiers also feature sturdy bases, flexible gooseneck designs to give you the freedom to adjust to your desired height and position, and LED lights that provide instant illumination when needed.

1. iMagniphy Desktop Magnifier

The Desktop Magnifier by iMagniphy is a hands-free LED magnifier. Enjoy your morning paper, read prescriptions and even examine coins and stamps with this large, 5.5-inch lens with 8x magnification. Also included are six bright, energy-efficient LED lights that fully illuminate the magnified area, making it easy to see even the smallest of details.

Pros: A sturdy base and flexible gooseneck allows you to position the lens and LED lights at your desired height and position.

Cons: If you suffer from severe visual impairment, you may want to try a different option.

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2. Oenbopo Reading Magnifier

The Oenbopo Reading Magnifier is made with crystal-clear, optical grade lenses with a lens-in-lens design. The larger lens has 2X the magnification while the smaller lens provides 6X magnification, giving you the freedom for natural viewing and reading. This magnifier is also versatile as it can stand on any table surface with an adjustable head or hung around your neck for hands-free reading.

Pros: This magnifier comes with two bright LED lights that instantly illuminate while reading

Cons: Three AAA batteries are required for the LED lights that are not included.

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3. Delixike Large Magnifying Lamp

Delixike’s Magnifying Lamp comes with a generous 4.7-inch optical glass lens with 10x magnification. This large magnification allows eyes to see and interpret intricate details and fine prints with amazing clarity and without strain. This affordable desk lamp also provides a vivid and glare-free view of images under any lighting condition and has six power-saving LED lights that last up to 30,000 hours.

Pros: A heavy base and flexible gooseneck give users the freedom to adjust to any height and position.

Cons: The LED bulbs are not replaceable.

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