Create a Mood for Great Ideas with this Desktop Edison Lamp

Desktop Edison Lamp
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* Warm, cozy glow from genuine Edison lamp
* High-quality black walnut base 
* Each one individually hand made 

This beautiful desktop Edison lamp lets you capture a bit of classic turn-of-the-century style and helps transform your office or home into an inspiring, creative space.

With a base made of high-end American Black Walnut and a vintage-style, cloth-covered cord, this Edison lamp from Fernweh Woodworking is a handsome addition to any desk or table space. It gives a warm, soft light, that’s great for entertaining and minibar spaces too. A genuine piece of craftsmanship, the Edison lamp hearkens back to a time of individually-produced items and locally-crafted goods built to last.

Like much of the famous, inspiring design of that era, it represents a union of form and function, where the aesthetic beauty of the piece is both a key component of its appeal and a side-effect of functional minimalist design. As with all of the decor items and home furnishings from the craftspeople at Fernweh Woodworking, the materials quality and workmanship of the Black Walnut Edison Lamp is outstanding.


The lamp itself measures about 3” by 7” and 2” tall not including the height of the bulb. The electrical components are tested and UL-certified (for safety), and the special vintage-looking cloth-covered cord is about 7’ long, making it easy to select a location for the lamp.

Felt on the base of the lamp keeps it from sliding around. Each individual unit is hand made to order from Fernweh’s studio in Central Oregon, making this pretty much the Morgan Plus 8 of desk lamps. Like that famous and anachronistic sports car, the Fernweh Edison Lamp uses vintage craftsmanship to achieve everyday functionality, with a unique and gorgeous aesthetic.

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