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Cleaning Hack: Get This $35 Vacuum That’s Specifically Made To Sweep Up Hardwood Floors

* Hardwood floors can quickly collect dirt and dust in their cracks and crevices
* This 10-amp vacuum can efficiently clean bare floors
* Less than seven pounds, it lets you tackle all those hard-to-reach areas

An effective vacuum can go a long way on a hardwood floor, as its crevices create a great opportunity for dust to collect and build up. Most floors are also polyurethane-finished, so you don’t need to worry about being gentle when cleaning them.

This vacuum from Dirt Devil has cyclonic filtration, which means it’s powerful enough to pick up even the smallest dust and dirt particles, even on bare floors. It has a cleaning path of up to 11 inches, and a 10-amp motor, so all you have to do is simply guide it along and let the machine do the rest.

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At less than seven pounds, you can maneuver it efficiently, and make the most of its twenty-foot cord to ensure you reach every corner of the room without plugging in and out of outlets. Completely bag-less, you can empty the accumulated dirt from the canister directly into the trash in a simple, fluid motion.

The low-profile nozzle is designed to reach under furniture with ease, which means spotless floors can now be yours — all for less than $40.


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